What I’m Reading

Leaders are readers. Readers become leaders.

Leaders are readers. Readers become leaders.

I’m often asked what I’m reading. I do my best to read many of the popular business books because my students will ask my opinion of them. If I can’t get to all of those that are relevant to my place in this world, I’ll task my staff to assist me by providing summaries of books.

Also, a common practice among authors is to request endorsements of each other’s works. With those requests come hard bound copies of their books. Some weeks it’s as if the library comes to me!

And, I meet a lot of people in my line of work–many of whom have written books. New authors spread the word about their books by giving a certain number away in their public relations campaigns. I’m fortunate that authors are kind enough to share their books with me, hoping as I read them, I’ll either find some gems to share with my students, or pass their book along to someone who will receive great value from it.

Needless to say there’s never a shortage of something to read in my world!

Today, I thought I’d share with you a few of my more recent favorites. I highly recommend each of these books and know each of the authors either personally or by their actions to be credible sources of information. If these titles are appropriate for you and your business, I recommend that you read them:

  1. Business Without the Bullsh*t by Geoffrey James, an INC columnist I have known for many years
  2. Selling Fearlessly by Robert Terson, one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve ever encountered
  3. How to Get Unstuck by Barry J. Moltz, almost wore out a highlighter on this one
  4. Hire Right, Higher Profits by Lee B. Salz, for managers–excellent strategic advice for hiring

When you read, read for comprehension. Don’t just read quickly through a book to get the gist of what it’s about. Enjoy the journey! Read with a highlighter, and something to take notes on. Treat every non-fiction book as a schoolbook–something to learn from. If you read on an electronic device, take advantage of the highlighters within that software. Then, when you’ve finished the book, re-read just those points you marked.

We are all perpetual students whether we realize it or not. We are learning new things every day. Professionals direct what they learn through choice rather than learning random bits of knowledge the world sends their way each day. Read more…sell more!

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