Dealing with the Competition

We are in some very competitive times. People are hesitant to make buying decisions so businesses are making previously unheard of offers to get whatever slice of the market pie they can. If any of your clients tell you they’re considering doing business with the competition, you need to be prepared.

If you’re at the top of your game, you constantly act as if each and every client may consider making a change at any time. In other words: If you want to keep them as clients, treat them like gold. If you do, they’ll find it difficult to part with you and your high level of service even if the competition comes in with a better offer on a similar product.

If you’re prepared to hear an inkling of change, you’ll come across like the true expert you are rather than someone scrambling to keep their business. You’ll want to fight a clean fight with the competition, but never give up a client without a fight! [Read more…]