Getting People to Buy

Management TrainingWhat do people really want when they first meet you or reach out to you?

What makes them choose your product over someone else’s?

How do you prepare for getting people to buy? (Or, in the language I teach…to “own” the benefits of your products.)

Heaven knows the market is jam packed with incredible products. The specific answers to those questions can only come from satisfied consumers and your upline and downline team members. However, I can address the general answers to help you get started with acquiring a large volume of satisfied clients in the first place and secondly to start growing your network marketing business.

We all want the same things when doing business with people. We want quality products and good service at a low investment. That’s the bottom line. Is that what you provide? If so, shout it from the rooftops!

However, few companies can provide all three. With that being the case, you will need to learn how to address which of the three you don’t provide. [Read more…]

Recession? What a Great Time to Recruit!

During economic downturns, many people look for a Plan B to supplement their incomes. They fear being downsized, laid off or having their company go out of business. It’s an ideal time for professional network marketers to accelerate their recruiting efforts. Nearly everyone you talk with will express some sort of fear about their job or their financial security. “The economy” and its impact on everything from global business to John Smith’s little family seems to be the #1 topic of conversation these days, doesn’t it?

It’s an especially ideal time if you market health-related products. When folks are uncertain if they’ll have health insurance benefits in the near future, they tend to pay more attention to their health now. A local doctor’s office I know of has recently been inundated with calls from patients they rarely treat. Many are asking for physicals to update their medical records—just in case. [Read more…]