Guide to Sales Success

Sales SuccessThe guide to sales success is simple really. Plan out the best actions to take. Then act on your plans.

Self-discipline really encompasses nearly everything in life. Do you remember in school when you were given 30 days to write a term paper? Did you start it that first night? Most of us didn’t.

Instead, we thought about it every night. “Got to get moving on that ratty project. But I’ve got almost a whole month left. It can wait.” As time goes by, worry about getting a failing grade looms larger in our minds. At first, the pain of starting the term paper is greater than our concern about the failing grade. So after a week, we still haven’t started. Two weeks go by. What are we doing every night before we go to sleep? Worrying about that “F.” “I better start. Tomorrow, I’ll get moving on it.”

A week before the term paper is due, the “F” is getting larger, but it’s still not quite large enough to offset the pain of working at preventing it. All of a sudden there are only three days left before it’s due and at last the “F” looms larger than the pain of working on the term paper. So we start.

As you lay it out, you begin to feel some enthusiasm. “This isn’t bad. I may get an ‘A’ if I do this and that.” When you walk in with your paper, you’re happy but you wasted 27 days worrying about starting. In other words, you operated at a deficit emotionally for 27 days when you could have been in the profit column the whole time. [Read more…]

The Uh-Price Nontechnique

Some of us go shuffling into a meeting dreading the moment when we have to get down to the hard facts of money. So we uh-price them.

“What’s the cost?” the customer asks.

“Well, that one is-uh-it’s about-let’s see, with tax and freight and the small installation charge we have to make-uh-its going to run you right at-well, maybe just a shade under, tuhthzzert. Um, yeah that’s about it.”

“What? I didn’t catch the price you’re quoting me.”

Tom Hopkins

“Ten thousand.”


“Yes, ten thousand dollars, more or less.”

“Well, which is it, more-or less? It better be a lot less if you expect me to buy it.”

“Uh-let me double check my figures.”

While the hapless salesperson frantically adds and subtracts, the buyer sits back and calmly plans his next move to keep him off the buyer sits back and calmly plans his next move to keep him off balance and drive a better bargain. Or his next phone call-to the competition.

Never uh-price a possible client. Control the money issue by facing it squarely and boldly. The triplicate of choice for money allows you to win every money vote that can be won. Use it. This technique is a reliable workhorse-if you know your figures, adapt the phrases to your offering, and practice them carefully.