5 Strategies for Building Your Enthusiasm

Tossing balls into airIf you want to succeed in sales, you must have a lot of enthusiasm. That’s because it can easily be drained from you every day. In this post, I’ll cover 5 strategies for building your enthusiasm.

I understand, better than many trainers, how tough it can be to keep your enthusiasm on those days when you face rejection, cancellations, lost sales, and have to handle numerous challenges for the people you serve both as external clients and internally with your co-workers. After much observation, I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to be an enthusiastic person, you have to have the following five ingredients in your life:

1. The first thing is curiosity. Do you dream about driving the car or owning the home of your dreams? This is curiosity about a certain lifestyle, and that curiosity builds enthusiasm. Think about what you’re curious about. If nothing comes to mind, start becoming curious about something!

I often golf at country clubs that are very elite. In some instances, I add on to a threesome of folks I’ve never met before. Being curious, I enjoy getting to know the other  golfers, and often find that they are incredibly wealthy in material things. However, the material wealth they have accumulated has not made them happy. In fact, I find they are often cynical and negative towards their fellow men. They have lost their curiosity about life, ideas, and other people and in doing so, have lost their enthusiasm for living.

2. The next ingredient is interest. You have to keep a high interest level about your products, your loved ones, and in new experiences. People who have lost their enthusiasm have also lost their interest. You will often hear them saying, “I’m not interested in doing that.” Or, “I have no interest in going there.”

3. The third thing you need to have in addition to curiosity and interest is knowledge. Enthusiasm and competence never last long without knowledge. Seek to learn something new every day!

4. Belief is the fourth ingredient. You must believe that what you are doing is right. Believe in yourself and your product or service. Believe in the changes you can make in other people’s lives — for the better.

5. The fifth thing you need to have within yourself to generate enthusiasm is purpose. Your purpose must transcend making money. You may think being rich brings about enthusiasm, but enthusiasm is even more important when you are down and out with little or no financial reserves. Having enthusiasm helps you to stay motivated and focused for your climb to the top, and in reaching the goals you have set for yourself.

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