Understanding the Telephone

For years people have contacted me wanting more information on telephone techniques. Today’s generation of selling demands thorough understanding of the use of the telephone. So how do you gain your share of the million-dollar telephone sales market? By being prepared. People today invest in more products and services over the phone and online than ever before — and they never meet the sales representative. The telephone is a tool of business and it is imperative that we as salespeople know how to use it.

When a consumer calls to inquire about your product or service, we as salespeople, have a moral obligation to turn that inquiry call into a presentation — especially if the company you represent has been in business awhile and has created a reputation.

You have no idea of the large number of consumers who pick up the phone every day, call a department store or a company, and the person who answers for the company has never been trained to use the telephone. Oftentimes, salespeople make it sound as if they are doing the caller a favor by answering the questions. That’s a shame.

As salespeople, we have a responsibility to increase our company’s profit so it stays in existence. When you chose your job as a salesperson, one of your jobs was to do anything in your power to increase your company’s profits — that is your lifeblood and existence. [Read more…]