Develop the Punctuality Habit

One of the best things I can ever hear from my clients is, “You’re early!” It’s always said with pleasant surprise as if salespeople are notoriously late. Unfortunately, many are. All too many people have developed the “always running a few minutes late” habit. And it is a habit. Sad but true, that habit puts those folks out of the running with many potential clients.

Running late presents a very negative image. Unpredictable and unprepared are other ways potential clients will interpret your actions if you run late for meetings with them. Neither of those words are very comforting when you’re considering doing business with someone over a long period of time or if the purchase involves much of their security (spelled M.O.N.E.Y.).

Champion salespeople have figured out that there are more benefits to be had by arriving early. If you must wait in the lobby or a conference room because you’re early, observe the workings of the office…the interactions among the employees. Understanding their level of professionalism and comfort with each other will help you make your presentation just right for them.

Also, being early may afford you the opportunity to chat with the receptionist or another staff member and gain valuable insight into the decision-maker’s thought process about the decision to do business with you.

Early is good!


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  1. I am lucky if I am late for one appointment per year. There is nothing worst than waiting for someone that is trying to sell you something. If that person is late I take that as an insult. If the person calls me and explains why he / she are running late it helps a little. DON’T BE LATE! True professionals bring a book, research the firm that they are visiting while they are waiting or developing a relationship with others in the office before the appointment. I ALWAYS get to know the front person or the receptionist. If you get there early and talk it up with the front person while calling them by name you just made a new friend. That new friend can open many doors for you. DON’T BE LATE if you want to make it in this business.

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