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Boot Camp Sales Mastery 2012 Scottsdale AZ August 23, 24 & 25, 2012

"Tom Hopkins Reveals His Formula that
Will Turn Your Sales Career, Business and Income Around in This Recovering Economy"

Last Chance Opportunity…

See sales legend, Tom Hopkins, LIVE for 3 Exciting Days of Sales Training.
August 23, 24 & 25, 2012
Discover His Street-Proven System that Turns
Salespeople into Sales Champions

Boot Camp 3-Day Sales Training Tuition      Boot Camp 3-Day Sales Training Veteran Tuition

Past attendees have gone on to increase their closing ratios by 200% -- 300% even more while increasing their incomes dramatically. Some past attendees have even become multi-millionaires.

Imagine the Unstoppable Selling Power You and Your Team Will Have After You Attend This Extraordinary Event!

It’s no secret that salespeople and their respective companies have struggled because of the economy. Some industries reported 20% drops in sales and revenue. Yet others continued to thrive and grow.

When businesses and consumers alike in many parts of the world are afraid to make buying decisions that makes life tougher for you. But don’t let them scare you. With the right selling strategies and techniques, you can make these the best years of your selling career!

Discover Professional Selling Skills
That Deliver Impressive Results

Tom Hopkins is ready to show you step-by-step exactly how to meet your sales quotas and income goals. But are you prepared to do what it takes to go to the next level in your selling career? Does the thought of generating a big income excite you?

If you said, “Yes”, then you’ll be happy to know about Tom’s acclaimed Boot Camp Sales Mastery. This is a 3-day event that’s absolutely unforgettable. It’s unforgettable because when you make the decision to attend, you will see Tom LIVE in person and learn unstoppable selling techniques that truly work like magic!

These selling techniques and strategies you’ll be exposed to are based upon decades of in-the-trenches use. They have worked in good times and yes, in bad times as well. To date, Tom has trained over 4 million people on 5 continents and the results are amazing.

With these street-proven, recession-proof techniques at your fingertips -- you can dominate your field and turn your dreams into reality! Everything from finding potential buyers through prospecting … to making positive first impressions … to qualification … to dynamic sales presentations … to addressing concerns … to closing the sale… to getting referrals … to goal setting and motivation … to planning for career success will be covered.

Tom Hopkins 3-Day Boot Camp Seminar


Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Discover
at the 2012 Boot Camp Sales Mastery

         Complete A to Z training for the manager to make sure your sales reps learn, internalize and execute this information

         Steps to an effective, results-oriented training program

         How to create the perfect training environment for your sales reps

         7 reasons why your sales reps should fall in love with selling

         The 7 fundamentals of selling

         How to use Tom’s S.P.R. and P.D.R. formula to internalize the training for maximum performance

         The real secret of successful selling and long-term relationships with clients

         Tom’s famous card trick questioning strategy

         8 types of powerful sales questioning techniques that fish out the secret desires of your buyers

         How to overcome the fear of prospecting

         Fall in love with “no”. Tom will take away the sting of rejection from hearing “No”

         2 types of prospecting and what you must know about them in order to excel

This is exciting, exclusive sales training that most salespeople will never get access to. Attend the 2012 Boot Camp and you'll run circles around your competition.

These Proven Techniques Give You the Ability to
Virtually Write Your Own Paycheck

         How to take advantage of the “Itch Cycle” to boost sales

         Why “Orphan Adoption” can get new sales reps writing up orders in no time

         What you need to know about lead clubs, newspapers and other sources for leads

         How to build a leads network that pays off dividends for years to come

         6 types of tested and proven prospecting techniques

         How to get past the dreaded gatekeeper

         How many times reps should let an incoming call from potential buyers ring before picking up the phone

         Voicemail message templates that compel potential buyers to call back

         How to stop playing phone tag and start confirming meetings

         Discover proven Telephone tactics that work for any industry

         How to win people over with the right type of dress, body language and grooming

         3 things you must do when you first meet a potential client to get him or her to like you

         Powerful retail and non-retail greetings that get potential clients to give you an opening to sell them

         Tom’s voice modification strategy that works like magic to build instant rapport with anyone you meet

         The exact words you should say to segue from first meeting someone into smoothly starting your sales presentation

         If your potential client first displays resistance in your meeting – Tom has a proven statement you can use to slip past their defenses and get them to like you

         Tom gives you the best opening lines to use in your sales presentations that are based on decades of feet-on-the-street experience

         Discover the 10 fears every buyer secretly harbors that stand between you and closing the sale (Learn Tom’s results-proven method for overcoming those deep-set fears)

         Sometimes people raise issues that may hurt your presentation or you’re not able to answer – Tom shows you exactly how to shift away from that topic back to turning up the volume on the prospect’s desire to own your product or service

         The “future orientation” questioning technique that automatically puts potential clients mentally into the future as owners of your product (It’s pure dynamite - but few salespeople really know how to do this)

         38% of communication is your tone of voice. Use the wrong tone of voice and you spin your wheels. Use the right tone and selling becomes easy. Tom reveals the best voice tone to use during your interactions with clients

         A qualifying tactic that lets you predict with amazing accuracy whether they’ll buy your product or not – before you even make your presentation! (This could save you hours of wasted presentation time)

         How to eliminate the dreaded money objection before you even make your presentation

         The 6 reasons psychologists and sales professionals have discovered that explain why people make a decision to own any product or service

         16 dreaded words and phrases that kill sales – plus the words and phrases to replace them with that are tested and proven to improve closing ratios

         9 keys for establishing rapport that make others like and trust you

         10 personality types of buyers and how to handle each one

         Tom’s revolutionary N.E.A.D.S. formula for qualifying buyers – this alone could be worth thousands of dollars in sales volume

         How to get clients to tell you exactly how to sell to them – improves closing ratios dramatically!

         How to give a presentation that’s so good you should win an academy award for it!

         How to handle interruptions during your presentations

         Got a big weakness or objection you’re constantly faced with? Here’s how to turn that challenge into an advantage when you present

After This Boot Camp You Will Have the Techniques
and Information You Need
to Become an Elite Sales Professional

         How Tom’s famous “Triplicate of Choice” strategy can boost your sales into the stratosphere (This one technique has turned the careers of thousands of salespeople around overnight)

         The finer points of handling objections, resolving them and turning them into yes’s for your product or service

         8 body language cues to watch for from a potential client that reveals he’s ready to own your product

         How to use test closes to discover how close people are to making the buying decision – reduces botched closing attempts

         The one question to look out for from potential clients that tells you they’re hot to buy

         The signals that tell you to start your final closing sequence

         3 types of decision makers and how to skillfully handle them

         How to achieve the prized status of Sales Champion

         The best seating arrangement during a closing situation that increases your chances of winning the sale

         Why it’s critical you know multiple closes by heart

         Should you project more excitement or be somber or be casual or forceful while performing a close? Tom reveals the exact emotion and demeanor you must project that results in a higher closing ratio (Based upon decades of experience in thousands of closing situations)

Some of The Power Closes Tom Teaches Include …

         12 street-proven closes you’ll feel comfortable using in virtually any situation … that are proven to compel people to say “yes” to you. You’ll be given the following master closes that put you light years ahead of the pack: “The Best Things in Life Close”; “The Fact Weighing Scale Approach”; “The No Close”; “The Reduction to the Ridiculous Close”; “The Oblique Comparison Close”; “The Similar Situation Close”; “The Wish I’da Close”; “The Competitive Edge Close”; “The Buyer’s Remorse Close”; “The Business Productivity Close”; “The ‘It’s Not in the Budget’ Close”; “The Lost Sale Close”. (You’ll be given LIVE insight into each of these closes that you won’t find in any of our other materials.)

Potential Clients Won’t Be Able to Play Games With You or Your Team Anymore! You’ll Know More Ways to Get Buyers to Say, “Yes” Than They Do to Say, “No”
– Without Applying Any Pressure!

         A masterful way to overcome the “It costs too much!” objection

         The best way to handle the objection, “We’re happy with our current supplier”

         How to skillfully handle the concern, “We weren’t happy with the service we got from your company in the past”

         How to never fear hearing, “We want to think it over.” You’ll learn a step-by-step proven method for overcoming this frustrating objection

         How to handle the objection, “I can get it cheaper” and motivate them to cheerfully choose your product or service even if it has a higher price

         The 10 biggest closing mistakes most salespeople make – discover which one could be costing you sales!

         A powerful introductory letter you can use to get referred clients to agree to hear your presentation (This makes selling easier!)

         If you find yourself facing down an angry client – here are 8 things you can do that work like magic to dispel their anger

         How to handle clients who play games with you by telling you they’re shopping around or they can get better deals from your competitors (You’ll love this!)

         The 2 things you must do to dig your way out of an agonizing sales slump

         Sales champions think and feel differently that’s why they’re champions. Here’s how to get into their heads and replicate the same success patterns

         Writing thank you notes to clients is vital to generating a non-stop flow of referrals and repeat business. You will be given the exact words to use in thank you notes for the following situations: Telephone contact, In-person contact, After demonstration/presentation, After purchase, For referral, After final refusal, After they buy from someone else, To anyone who gives you service, Anniversary thank you

         6 Sure-fire techniques for getting lots of referral business

         7 fail-safe ways to build client loyalty

         How to exit gracefully if a client does not buy from you

         Increase sales volume with “Add-on Selling” (Tom explains the nuts and bolts of this technique)

         6 things you absolutely must know for beating the competition

         How a 12-word concept can revolutionize your time management efforts and double your productivity virtually overnight

         5 things you must know about keeping your enthusiasm high

         3 qualities of successful people that research has discovered time and time again

         4 reasons why sales reps should be proud to be in sales

A great speaker, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, was known for saying, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” One of the highlights of this year’s Boot Camp Sales Mastery event is that Tom Hopkins will share with you the highlights of several of the top business books published since January 2011. Tom and his staff are busily gleaning the most important ideas of these powerhouse publications so he can help you with the latest information that makes an impact on your selling career.

As an attendee, you won’t leave with a bunch of head-knowledge and notes. You’re going to go through exercises and training that virtually guarantee that you internalize these powerful selling techniques!

Rave Reviews Over Past Boot Camp Sales Mastery Events

“Two days after Boot Camp, on Monday, I had a meeting with a potential client who had a bad past experience with another financial planner. Normally I would have leaped into the fray with apologies and assurances. However, the first words out of my mouth were directly and specifically from Tom’s training. The client shared his concerns with me in greater detail. I was then able to address those concerns, get them out of the way and move on. Thank you for helping me save a client.” –- C.M., Financial Planner

“Every year, I make the long journey across the Pacific Ocean to attend Boot Camp. It's become a tradition. This time is invaluable, as I utilize this trip as an opportunity to get back to basics, and assess my goals for the following year. We always arrive back in Australia revitalized, re-motivated, and ready to take on whatever challenges can be thrown our way.”---John Kuchel, Managing Director, Australian Outdoor Living, Australia

“Our guys were instantly lit up by the energetic style, smooth presentation and frequent audience participation! I would recommend Tom Hopkins for any sales meetings, presentations and for customized training, but especially for the investment in the Boot Camp. It is effective, cost-efficient and it works!” – Terry Phillips, Director of Marketing and External Affairs, Hilliard Energy, Ltd.

“I truly enjoyed the experience…in fact, I used quite a bit of the material this morning to schedule a visit with the CFO of a large company. She hadn't returned my calls in the past... she couldn't resist the voice mail I left and called me back within the hour!” --Pam Avooske, Acordia of California, Chico, California

“For the last decade, avoiding the truth and making excuses for not attending probably has cost me over a million dollars in earnings. Whoever says they can't afford to come to Boot Camp truly can't afford to miss it!” --Sean Ragland, World Financial Group, Laguna Hills, California

You’ll Get A 70-Plus-Page Manual
That Covers Everything Taught!

Tom is a master at electrifying audiences with his humor and stories. You’ll be riveted to every word as he takes you on a journey to becoming the best salesperson you can be!

To make this event even more exciting, you’ll have the opportunity to compete for awards that include trophies and fine art lithographs from Tom's personal art collection.

Become a VIP Attendee and
Boot Camp VIP Sold Out
Visit with Tom Hopkins Personally

You have the option to become a VIP attendee. The benefits are exciting to think about. As a VIP guest, you will enjoy:

         Early registration ahead of everyone else, which gives you an opportunity to mingle with other VIP’s.

         Guaranteed, reserved premium room seating (while these highly sought-after seats last)

         Private reception at Tom Hopkins' home on Friday evening. Visit with Tom and enjoy his incredible private art collection

         A personalized Boot Camp manual

         Autographed gift from Tom Hopkins

         Poolside dinner Thursday evening

This coveted VIP experience is available to you for only $195 additional. VIP registration openings are limited. It’s offered on a first come, first served basis. So if you want to enjoy these added benefits, make sure you select that option when you register.


Since this is Tom’s last 3-day Boot Camp Sales Mastery program, he wanted to ensure that he had some time to talk more intimately with returning veterans. Because we know how much you value your study time at Boot Camp, we’ve arranged a private room for lunch on Saturday.

This is for returning Boot Camp Veterans ONLY. You’ll have time to visit directly with Tom. You can tell him about what’s going on in your industry and he will do his best to offer you specific advice that you can take back to your sales associates and companies to ensure a strong showing during the economic recovery.

Special Bonus for Large Groups

Groups of 11 or greater will be invited to participate in a 30-minute Q&A teleconference with Tom Hopkins after Boot Camp. This call will be exclusive to your group. Teleconferences will be scheduled at the discretion of Tom Hopkins International and dependent upon Tom’s availability.

Lowest Tuition Investment

As a past Boot Camp graduate, Military Veteran or member of active military you are eligible to attend at our lowest tuition investment of $595.

Boot Camp 3-Day Sales Training Tuition        

The next step?

Register today to attend Tom Hopkins' 2012 Boot Camp Sales Mastery seminar.

There are 3 ways to register:

1) Register online by clicking a button below to secure your spot today!

Boot Camp 3-Day Sales Training Scottsdale AZ

Boot Camp 3-Day Sales Training Tuition      Boot Camp 3-Day Sales Training Veteran Tuition

Boot Camp 3-Day Sales Training Scottsdale AZ

2) Phone in your registration.
Call toll-free: 1-800-528-0446 (U.S. & Canada), Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm Mountain Standard Time

3) Print a registration form here, and fax it to (480) 949-1590.

Tom Hopkins’ Boot Camp Sales Mastery is a life-changing event in so many ways. Take advantage of this opportunity now to attend and enjoy the benefits of a better today and an even brighter future.

You Will Have the Option to Attend 2 Amazing
Pre-Seminar Training Sessions
for FREE on Wednesday, August 22nd

Management Training with Ron Marks

Meet Ron Marks.

Ron will be giving a talk titled, “Managing for Sales Results.”
This program is excellent for sales managers and those considering a move into management.

This training session will be held on
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
for sales managers and business owners.

There’s no additional fee to attend!

Ron has an impressive 31 years of sales training and sales management experience.

He’ll be covering critical issues such as:

        Recruiting – how to find people that bring value to your organization

         Hiring – 3 keys to a successful interview

         Training – 6 steps to an effective, results-driven program

         How to run sales meetings that deliver results

         8 keys to coaching your sales team to beat quotas

         Terminating – the best way to let unproductive people go

Plus Ron will treat you to step-by-step instructions and invaluable checklists that help you bridge the gap between sales and management. If you’re a sales manager or plan on moving into this position, this will be one of the most important messages you ever hear.

“In my business recruiting is essential. I learned some great new ideas at this seminar. If you are in a position to motivate and develop others, you cannot miss this seminar.” --Cody Sisson, Regional Vice President, Primerica Financial Services

“I am new to sales management and this was just what I needed. I learned a great deal about motivating others and holding better training meetings.” -- Jerry Harris, Sales Manager, Acura of Seattle

“Ron taught some great strategies on developing a more productive sales force. He was concise and got right to the heart of the matter on recruiting and motivating sales people.” -- Laura Hogan, Broker/ Manager, Century 21 Lullo Real Estate


Goal Setting wit Matt de la Cruz

Meet Matt De La Cruz.

Matt will be presenting his program titled, “The Power of Goals.”
This program is a wonderful way to start your Boot Camp Sales Mastery experience.

This training session will be held on
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
and is open to all attendees.

There’s no additional fee to attend!

There has never been a more important time in the history of the profession of selling to learn the art of setting short term and long term goals. Matt De La Cruz is a living example of how goal setting can work for you. When you hear his story of where he was, where he is now and where he plans to be in the future, you will totally believe he is the Master of Goal Setting.

He’ll be covering critical issues such as:

         How a bit of discipline can help you avoid the pain of regret

         The power of focus and how to master it

         The right way to set realistic, achievable goals

         How you can use your goals to keep yourself motivated and live a more exciting and rewarding life

         How much time to invest in setting goals that will excite you

Plus Matt will help you set goals during the program so you will leave with a new sense of purpose and anticipation of accomplishment.

“You got rave reviews from all three people who attended the session. My wife, who I have been trying to engage in goal setting for most of our 22 year marriage, has now drunk the goal-setting cool-aid! You succeeded where I have failed – I did not think it could be done. Again, to a person, my people thought your session was excellent – Thank you._ -- Dave Bryan, President, Blackdog design/build/remodel

“Before hearing you speak, I was a grouchy, blame-everyone-but-myself, and truthfully, sub-par employee for a major insurance company.  At first skeptical of someone who enthusiastically offered to help chart a better professional and personal life for myself, I took a chance and accepted the challenge you laid forth, committed to proving you wrong. I reluctantly saw more than a few flaws in my persona that day, but eventually chose to buy-in and follow your guidance in setting goals for myself, and committing to developing a passion for life.  Many did not, and will not.  I’m very glad I did.” – M.F., Oklahoma

A Special Motivational Session with Weldon Long
This Session is open to All Attendees

Weldon Long

Wally will be presenting his program titled,Get Your Mind Right -Achieve Anything

Saturday - 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm
No Additional Fee to Attend

Weldon Long is a recognized expert in personal development. Overcoming a 20-year cycle of prison, poverty, and addiction, he is today a powerful speaker and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Colorado. After 13 years of federal and state incarceration, he emerged a transformed man: a powerful speaker, driven motivator, and successful trainer and entrepreneur.

Despite dropping out of high school in the ninth grade, he has earned a B.S. in law and an MBA in management. Weldon started a business in his living room and went from $0 to $20,000,000 in sales in just 60 months. His company was recognized by Inc. Magazine in 2009 as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America. He is also the award winning author of The Upside of Fear. He has developed proven-successful training programs and has taught thousands how to achieve true prosperity.


Your tuition investment includes 3 days of training with Tom Hopkins; a fourth day of training for managers with Ron Marks and Matt De La Cruz’s goals program for everyone; a comprehensive student manual covering all course material; complimentary lunch and refreshments daily.

Your tuition investment does not cover transportation to or from Scottsdale, Arizona, hotel accommodations, morning or evening meals or transportation to or from the airport.

Rooms at JW Marriott Camelback Inn have sold out

Although rooms at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn have sold out, we have arranged for a similar room rate at the nearby Montelucia Resort & Spa for August 22, 23, 24, and 25. They are offering a room rate of $99.00 per night plus applicable taxes and fees, based on availability.

Please visit their webpage at MonteluciaResort.com or call them at 1-888-627-3010 (local 480-627-3200). Mention discount code "Tom Hopkins" when registering by phone.

Boot Camp 3-Day Sales Training Scottsdale AZ

Boot Camp 3-Day Sales Training With Tom Hopkins

Boot Camp 3-Day Sales Training Scottsdale AZ

An income tax deduction is allowed for expenses of education (including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging) undertaken to maintain and improve professional skills. [26 U.S.C. §162(a).]


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