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No company can be stronger than its sales force.

Nothing takes the place of a well-trained sales force. Advertising dollars are wasted if prospective clients are contacted by salespeople who cannot present themselves, your product and company in a positive manner.

To be competitive in today’s challenging marketplace, companies and organizations turn to Tom Hopkins for selling skills training. A world-renowned expert like Tom brings pride, credibility, and integrity to the position of sales representative. He captivates, excites, trains, and motivates audiences to the point where they can’t wait to get out in the field and use his down-to-earth strategies and tactics.

Customized Sales Training

Your business and sales situations are unique. Tom doesn’t believe in delivering canned presentations and leaving the listeners hanging on how to implement his training. Every presentation is customized to your specific product and type of sale.

Tom is known for his diligent preparation—going so far as to have facials with skin care client products; shadowing salespeople in his local marketplace; and having presentations given directly to him in order to analyze areas of improvement. His ultimate goal is that he does such a good job your sales team asks, “When did he work as a salesperson for our company?

Every custom training session includes handouts so every member of the team has the strategies to study after the initial presentation.

In Good Company

Here are just a few of the over 350 companies and groups that have had Tom develop customized training for their sales teams:

Tom Hopkins Custom Sales Training Clients

"Tom Hopkins is a dynamic, ethically sound sales trainer with a rich background of personal and business success. His methods and techniques are practical, field-tested , and effective."

Zig Ziglar

"Tom Hopkins is head and shoulders above the restwhen it comes to training high-powered sales professionals."

Harvey Mackay author of
Swim With the Sharks Without Getting Eaten Alive

"I have been a follower of the sales principles and strategies of Tom Hopkins for over 30 years. I give him complete credit for being my mentor and because of his techniques our organization has been very successful. Of course, like many, I have read and studied other sales trainers but have always found Tom’s ideas to stay current with the changing marketplace and in touch with the goals, needs and struggles that a modern day sales organization might experience every day."

Terry D. Phillips / Hilliard Energy

What are Your Needs?

Since every presentation is customized, there is a lot of flexibility in how we can work together. Below are just a few options for training that will be conducted by Tom Hopkins, personally.

  1. If your sales team or group will be together for training purposes such as at a conference or meeting, consider:
  2. If your sales team is spread out across the country or around the globe, consider up to 60-minute, customized sessions with Q & A via
  3. This could include a general selling skills refresher, covering three of the most asked-for topics: Questioning, Addressing Concerns, and Closing. Or we could customize a training session that's specific to your product and types of clients. This training would be done through Skype, Zoom or a similar service.

    If you've never experienced how much valuable content Tom Hopkins can deliver in a short time, click to ask for a sample sales training webinar.

  4. Need training available to your team 24/7?

    Tom offers non-custom online courses for individuals or corporations. With corporate accounts, there is an unbelievable reporting feature that creates accountability down to how each member of the sales team answers each question after taking the training.

    Note that some of Tom’s online courses have been approved for continuing education credit hours from:

    Tom Hopkins Financial Servies Continuing Education Credit

  5. Need a fully-customized video training system for in-house use? Tom can do that, too! Tom has created in-house systems for 24Hour Fitness, CardService International, ADT, AFLAC, and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, to name a few.

WARNING: Many companies confuse motivation with training. Tom Hopkins is not known for “shot in the arm” motivational lessons. Tom’s expertise is in delivering practical, how-to sales strategies. With that new knowledge, your sales team or group will definitely become motivated—but their motivation comes from knowing they can generate greater revenues and higher incomes!

Get your training questions answered:
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