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Tom Hopkins Sales Training
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The sales team is your company's touchpoint with clients. Join the ranks of successful companies who have had Tom Hopkins train their sales forces:
Best Buy
Kavo Dental
Hilliard Energy
State Farm
U.S. Army Recruiters
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
Nouveau Riche
World Financial Group

Nothing takes the place of a well-trained sales force. Advertising dollars are wasted if prospective clients are contacted by salespeople who cannot present themselves, your product and company in a positive manner. They must have the skills necessary to obtain the final agreement.

To be competitive in today’s challenging marketplace, companies and organizations turn to Tom Hopkins for selling skills training. A renowned expert like Tom brings pride, credibility, and integrity to the position of sales representative. He captivates, excites, trains, and motivates audiences to the point where they can’t wait to get out in the field and try his down-to-earth strategies and tactics.

When you hire Tom Hopkins for your company event, you don’t just get a canned generic presentation. Our team goes to work getting to know your company, your product, and your audience. The training content for your special day is drawn from Tom’s vast library of selling skills and strategies. Only material that’s relevant to your product is considered. Then, that content is customized to your product, using your industry or company buzz words and selling situations. It’s our goal for your attendees to say after the program, “When did Tom Hopkins work as a salesperson for our company?”

Companies investing in continuing education for their people reap tremendous economic rewards after a Tom Hopkins’ presentation. Once your people have invested time with Tom teaching to their specific needs, their skills are current and they are equipped to work together as a cohesive and productive team with uniformity of purpose. Another reward is that your people will appreciate your investment in and acknowledgment of their special talents and needs.

People learn best in an environment where they are comfortable and their day-to-day challenges are recognized, given credence, and dealt with in a reasonable and effective manner. Tom Hopkins brings empathy to the training arena along with a sixth sense for knowing how to get salespeople to laugh at themselves and at some of the predicaments they encounter on a daily basis. He has been referred to as an ‘entertrainer’ because of his skill of weaving humor throughout his presentation.

Being a tremendous advocate of the power of recognition, Tom works with you to acknowledge appropriate people during his session for their part in making your company or industry great.

To schedule Tom Hopkins for your next meeting, please contact Laura Oien by calling our toll-free number at 1-800-528-0446 or emailing her.

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