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Helping You Make More Sales amd Earn More Income
How to Master the Art of Selling Book  

Named One of The Top 10
"How to Sell" Books of All Time by Inc. Magazine.
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Introducing the million-plus selling …

"How to Master the Art of Selling"

by Tom Hopkins, America’s #1 Sales Trainer



f you’re in sales, or interact with people on a regular basis in your profession or you just want to be more persuasive … then the single most important thing you can do is to learn how to sell well.

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How to Master the Art of Selling Book

It’s incredible. Just by using certain words and strategies, you can get almost everything you want in life. But not all selling techniques are created equal.


If you want the power to influence and persuade people to almost always say “Yes” to your offerings then it makes sense to specifically discover the selling techniques of champions.


Imagine, knowing the words, the lines, the techniques, the closes and tactics of the top 5% of salespeople in America! If you had this insight you could radically change your life, explode your income and live the life of your dreams. And there’s no one more qualified to teach you those skills than Tom Hopkins, America’s #1 Sales Trainer.

"As a newly minted account executive years ago, I'd carry everywhere ‘How to Master the Art of Selling,’ and I reflect daily how this book and Tom changed my life. I'm proud to say that this transformative experience led to significant sales and career growth."

Chris Kappes, 3D Exhibits

Who is Tom Hopkins?

Tom Hopkins got his start in real estate. His first six months in real estate were anything but successful. He had sold only one home and averaged $42 a month in income. He was down to his last $150 in savings when a man came into his real estate office promoting a three-day sales training seminar with J. Douglas Edwards. Tom hadn’t yet heard of either “sales training” or Mr. Edwards. But he decided to invest his last bit of savings in the program.


It was then that Tom realized selling is a learned skill. He was so inspired by Mr. Edwards’ training that he became an avid student. He attended seminars, read books on selling and even invested in some vinyl records on self-improvement.


Tom applied everything he learned and by the time he turned 27, he was a millionaire salesperson in real estate.


He set records that remained unbroken until this century. His last year as a real estate agent, he sold 365 homes—the equivalent of one each day. Grand total, he closed 1,553 real estate transactions in a period of six years.


Eventually, his knowledge of how to sell evolved into his current sales training career where he is recognized as America’s #1 Sales Trainer and The Builder of Sales Champions. The US Army, Best Buy and AFLAC, Primerica and State Farm are some of the 200+ companies Tom has trained.


With a record like that don’t you think you’d be in good hands when it comes to learning top tier selling techniques? Absolutely. The good news is …


You can discover all of Tom’s most powerful selling secrets in his best-selling book titled “How to Master the Art of Selling”


You’ll enjoy reading this must-have reference because Tom writes like he speaks—simply and clearly.



“How to Master the Art of Selling”

you’ll discover:


  • The 5 steps to mastering any skill


  • How one of Tom’s students made $1.3 million at the age of 23


  • 6 common characteristics of sales champions (Which of these do you have?)


  • How the Stimulus, Pause, Response Theory (S.P.R.) can take your selling skills to a new level


  • 5 minor reflexive questioning techniques for controlling the presentation


  • The psychology of how people make buying decisions (5 factors revealed)


  • 6 emotional hot buttons you can push to get people to want what you sell


  • The 16 words a sales professional must never say to a potential client


  • How to overcome the 4 roadblocks that hinder people from making decisions


  • How to figure out your “closing ratio” and how to rapidly improve it so you earn more


  • The 5 keys towards overcoming rejection – this will transform you into a fearless salesperson


  • The single-biggest secret to success in selling


  • How to generate tons of hot referrals – Tom reveals his complete referral prospecting system!


You can Own the Powerful Selling Strategies of America’s Top Sales Trainer & Go From Struggling Salesperson to the Highest-Paid Salesperson in Your Company!


  • Tom’s referral card marketing system explained in step-by-step detail


  • How to use the “Itch Cycle” to close people when they’re the hottest for what you sell


  • Powerful non-referral prospecting techniques that fill your lead pipeline


  • 6 must-know telephone techniques


  • 6 ways to generate tons of quality leads


  • Sales pre-planning sheets for developing an irresistible sales presentation that few people can say no to


  • The 6 best times to send thank you notes and why


  • The champion salesperson’s method for warming people up when you first meet


  • How many rings you should wait till you answer the phone


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Rave Reviews Over

Tom’s Selling Strategies


“I attribute earning well in excess of 7 figures annually and becoming financially independent to Tom Hopkins’s techniques and material. Anyone serious about their career in the people business should become a student of Tom’s.”

– Hector M. La Marque, Primerica Financial Services


"Tom Hopkins’ book, How to Master the Art of Selling is on my personal list of life-changing, favorite sales books." -- Harvey Mackay, author of Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive


" "I just inherited a 1980's edition of Tom's "How to Master the Art of Selling" and am amazed at how relevant this book still is in today's market. Thank you Tom for writing a truly incredible book on this subject matter.” " -- Christopher Todd Ross


Wouldn’t you like to have results like these people? Tom shows you how in this revised and updated edition of his best-seller!


Here’s More of What’s Included in

“How to Master the Art of Selling.”


  • 6 steps to qualifying prospects


  • The Triplicate of Choice for Money Qualification Technique that’ll help you determine the price range your buyer is willing to pay


  • 14 vital secrets you must know when using visual aids that help clinch the sale


  • 7 sales presentation techniques that’ll move your potential clients towards “YES”


  • Where you should sit in relation to the buyer when you’re giving a visual aid presentation


  • The astonishing reason why you should welcome objections!


  • 6 tested and proven steps to completely demolish objections


  • How to segue from answering your buyer’s objection back to your presentation


  • How to use “glamour words” to pull potential clients into your sales presentation


  • How many minutes your sales presentation should last (If it’s longer, your chances of winning the sale decrease)


  • How to turn an objection to buying into a powerful reason to buy


  • How to handle “conditions” against being able to buy


  • 3 powerful test closing techniques


  • Test closing tactics that prep your buyer to say yes and help you to avoid no when you go for the final close


  • How many closes it usually takes to get the sale


  • The anatomy of a sales close explained


  • 7 buying signals that tell you the buyer is ready to go ahead


  • 6 Power-closing techniques


  • 3 steps to turning little dollars into big dollars (The secret of million dollar producers)


  • Time management secrets of sales superstars


  • A time management recipe for salespeople that’ll move you ahead in life faster! (Shows you how much time you should appropriate for each of your tasks as a salesperson.)


  • 4 keys to setting goals that turn dreams into reality


  • Plus there’s much, much more!


All the key topics of selling are covered, including mindset, how to handle rejection, prospecting, presentation, referrals, telephone techniques, sales questions, emotional selling, objections, time management, closing and more.


Everything from the basics to the advanced techniques of champions who consistently rank #1 for their sales forces are yours in this book. After you internalize the contents of this book you will be a different person than you were before—a true sales professional.


Would you prefer to earn many times more than you are now or to become the top producer in your company? Tom’s proven program gives you the tools to reach those goals.


If you were paying the usual fee to attend a LIVE Tom Hopkins event, your investment would be significant. (Many people have happily paid $1,395 per person for his 3-Day Boot Camp plus travel expenses to attend.)


But your investment will not be $1,395. Or $595. Or even $395. Your total investment for the 376-pages of “How to Master the Art of Selling” is just $39.95 $12.00. But you must act now! This reduced investment offer is will end soon.


You don’t want to miss out on this Top 10
"How to Sell Books"award winner

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60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


Review the “How to Master the Art of Selling” book in your own home for 60 days – we’re confident that if you apply these techniques you will close more sales than you ever have before. Guaranteed. However if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, return the book undamaged for a prompt and courteous refund. What could be more fair?


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Just think the selling skills of America’s #1 sales trainer – Tom Hopkins -- can now be yours! With these skills you can practically have people lining up and begging you to take their money.

This book is written in clear, easy-to-understand language. There's no hype or theory here, just " how-to" strategies to help you increase your sales volume

376 pages, hard cover

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