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Certified Salesperson CD set  

If you don't already understand this, please know that you're not in the insurance business, the software business, the roofing business, the (name your industry) business. As sales professionals, we are all in the "people business." Without knowledge and competency in communication skills, success in selling can be quite elusive.

What are the core competencies of selling?

• Understanding different personality types of buyers
• Being able to "read" between the lines of what others are saying
• Having assertive, yet polite skills for getting commitments to connect with you
• Saying the right words to get through sales barriers and meet with real decision-makers
• Knowing what to do and say to prevent objections from stalling the sales process
• Closing strategies that get people off the fence and enjoying the benefits of your product

Are you strong in all of those areas? If so, great, but there are 18 more competencies the top income earners have also mastered. Discover them in my audio program titled, The Certified Salesperson, co-authored with Laura Laaman.

This comprehensive audio training program covers 24 key competencies on 7 CDs. Also included is a workbook to make it a true home study course. Learn the competencies that will enhance your selling skills at your convenience.

We're phasing out many of our programs on CD format. This is one of them. We have a small quantity of them left in inventory and are offering them at an "inventory reduction" investment of only $195.00 $57.00.

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