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Closing the Sale DVD  

Closing the Sale DVD Training Program


Watching your prospect approve the paperwork after you’ve delivered a sales presentation is an exciting feeling. For some, it happens often. For others, it doesn’t. And often for them, it’s an experience fraught with butterflies in the stomach. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


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Learning the art of closing can transform a mediocre salesperson into a high earning professional. It’s so vital that rookies and pros alike can and should develop airtight closing skills.


Most people don’t realize that on average, it takes about five closing attempts to win the sale. That means you need to have more than five closes memorized. And you need to know how to gracefully shift into closing mode without scaring buyers off. Once you know how, it’s like injecting jet fuel into your career—it’ll take off!


Tom Hopkins can teach you how to excel in closing. His closing techniques and principles are proven to work across virtually any industry.


In his landmark 44-minute long, DVD training program
Closing the Sale, you’ll discover:

þ  7 time-proven closing techniques, most of which are interchangeable with B2C and B2B markets. They’ll serve you well throughout your career and make you a lot of money.


þ  Role-play with Tom Hopkins to learn the closes verbatim.


þ  How to keep the sale closed.


þ  How to develop your own personal style of closing.


þ  The same characteristic that the best paid salespeople have and how you can develop it too.


þ  Why closing is more a matter of finesse rather than a contest of wills.


þ  How to influence a person to feel positive towards your product.


þ  How to use the power of belief to enhance your selling skills.


þ  A technique that takes people from a state of nominal interest to imagining themselves owning your product.


þ  How closing starts the moment you meet a person.


þ  How to know the right moment to start filling out the paperwork.



þ  Telltale signals that your potential client is ready to open his or her checkbook.


þ  How to develop a “closing instinct.”


þ  What you must know if your buyer asks you a “technical question.”


þ  2 powerful test questions that let you know if it’s time to shift into the power close.


þ  How to handle, “Can you just leave me a brochure to look at?”


þ  What to say if a buyer objects to you filling out the paperwork.


þ  What a reflex question is and how it helps you shift into the close.


þ  Should you remain silent while filling out the paperwork or chat with your client? Tom shows you what works in real life.


þ  Final questions you must ask to cement the sale after you’ve filled out the paperwork.


þ  Tom introduces “The Fact Weighing Scale Close” as one of his favorites because it works against almost any objection.


þ  Plus more.

Covered by Tom Hopkins 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Apply these proven principles and seven closes, and you could soon see your closing ratio soar. One thing’s for sure. If you own this DVD, and your competitors or colleagues don’t, you’ll have an unfair advantage. Closing the Sale with Tom Hopkins DVD program is yours for just $125.00 $37.50 and it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it, and watch as more people happily approve on the dotted line for you.



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