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Motivate Your Mind DVD  

Last month, how much money did you spend on food for your body, on energy bills, and then on your attitude and mental health? If you’re like most people, you didn’t really invest anything towards your mental health. It’s an overlooked facet of life, but one that’s determining how happy you are.

Motivate Your Mind DVD Video Training

The fact is, not taking care of your mental health can cost you your job, your business, your health, even your marriage and dearest relationships. It happens everyday to people who never recognized they should be protecting their minds and attitudes.

You know each day we’re bombarded by a relentless blitzkrieg of change, stress, negative outcomes, disappointments, and the usual ups and downs of life, especially in the profession of sales. You would never submit your body to this, so why would you allow it for your mind. Think about it.

A mere 30 seconds of TV can put an otherwise happy person into a stressed, anxious, tailspin. Start improving your mental health today by abstaining from most news programs and even TV shows which pile on negativity. To win in selling, it’s imperative that you remain optimistic, and upbeat. After all, your attitude is contagious.

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To help you protect your mental health and to retain an upbeat, happy demeanor and outlook on life, Tom Hopkins has recorded a breakthrough 35-minute power-packed DVD titled Motivate Your Mind.

Watch this DVD -- it’s like taking power vitamins for your mind! From start to finish, Tom Hopkins explains everything you need to know to protect and improve your mental health and outlook on life. Here’s a taste of what you’ll soon discover in Motivate Your Mind:

  • The world is in a constant flux of change – here’s how to handle the stress of change

  • How to go with the flow and – yes -- live without overbearing stress!

  • An exposé on the garbage of the nervous system that most people carry around

  • Why you absolutely must start diffusing tension today and how to do it in a healthy way

  • The single best stress reliever you can use that doesn’t cost you a single cent and carries no side-effects!

  • How increased physical activity (and what type) melts away stress and tension and can be virtually as effective as formal exercise!

  • Why some people shouldn’t engage in strenuous exercise to relieve stress

  • How to make exercise time enjoyable and a productive part of your business day

  • How to handle overwhelming stressful obligations that have you paralyzed with inactivity

  • How two little words that run like a closed loop in people’s minds actually create a never-ending parade of feelings of failure, defeat, anxiety, and rejection

  • How to stop that loop and re-program your mind with thoughts that empower you

  • Why being too perfectionistic in some cases could actually harm your mental health

  • The gems in life’s treasure chest that have a profound impact on your mental health

  • How to use music to enhance your performance

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  • Why learning something new positively influences your brain and mood

  • How to actually program yourself tonight to have a fantastic day tomorrow!

  • A certain type of book you should have on your nightstand that makes a positive difference in your mental health and daily performance

  • If the majority of your stress comes from others – here’s a sure-fire strategy for properly dealing with it

  • How to self-talk your way out of negativity

  • Mental exercises and actions that create a virtual force-field of positivity around you

  • How to actually shield yourself from an onslaught of negativity from others at work and home

  • Why your goals may actually feed your anxiety

  • The single-best way to handle the searing pain of rejection

  • How to deal with the rabid string of thoughts of jealousy and envy that eat away at you

  • The symptoms of depression and how to recognize them

  • Steps you can take to protect yourself from falling victim to depression

  • The biggest thing that separates the average from the successful in life

  • How to build a mental picture of yourself as a winner in life

  • Plus more!

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Now let me ask you a question. What is your mental health worth? It’s priceless isn’t it? So make an investment in it today. Here’s your opportunity. The Motivate Your Mind DVD is just $125.00 and it's backed by our generous 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Take care of your mental health – we’re ready to ship it to you!

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