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Helping You Make More Sales amd Earn More Income
Building Sales Champions DVD Sales Training  

This DVD series sale for 80% off!!
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The Building Sales Champions
DVD Sales Training Program

This is a complete A to Z sales training program in a box that's loaded with hundreds of field-tested sales techniques and strategies that are worth millions of dollars in additional revenue to you and your company. Every facet of selling is covered; every advantage, and every edge you need to WIN in any profession or industry is in this package.

Get $1,995 Worth of Sales Training
for $395 - a Fraction of the Investment!


Building Sales Champions DVD System Watch how fast it'll turn a beaten down, poor performing team into a dynamic, enthusiastic team that meets and beats sales quotas ... month after month ... just as so many others have after using my training!

If you have a sales team or you're a sales professional this may be the most exciting and most complete sales training program you ever see.

To hit your quotas every month your team must have razor-sharp selling skills. But chances are, too often your team is firing blanks and not hitting the bull-eye as often as you wish.


If you’re a sales rep ... you realize how much money you earn depends upon your selling skills. How would you like to turn up the voltage on your selling skills and TRIPLE OR MORE YOUR CLOSING RATIO?

Yes, you can do exactly that with our Building Sales Champions in-house sales training program!

You're Getting 9.5 Hours of Training

The Building Sales Champions sales training program is perfect for sales managers, business owners and individual sales reps who desire the bleeding edge. It includes 12 DVD's loaded with pure gold - every facet of selling is covered. Plus it contains vital materials for managers to properly train sales reps. The information in this program could easily be worth millions of dollars in additional revenue for you.

It covers the vital points of why you should value your career in sales and "sells" you on selling. It covers prospecting ... first contact with prospects ... qualification ... presentation/demonstration ... closing ... getting referrals and add-on business ... goal setting ... role-playing ... and so much MORE!

Put this program in your hands and you will definitely be able to not just meet quota but beat your monthly sales quotas - consistently!

How's this possible?

Over 5 million salespeople worldwide have been trained at my electrifying seminar events. 16,000 of our video sales training programs have flown off the warehouse shelves. We have worked with over 300 companies to transform sales lambs into lions.

I was originally trained and mentored by the legendary J. Douglas Edwards and within a few years became a millionaire by using his selling techniques. From then on, I developed many new revolutionary techniques that are adapted for today's economy and marketplace.

In essence, the Building Sales Champions in-house training program is the Rolls Royce of training programs because you're getting decades of field-tested, street-proven experience absolutely everything you need to WIN BIG in selling!

Any salesperson or team that goes through this dynamic program will be more than a match for the competition and able to turn objections into revenue.

Here's a Sneak Peek at What You'll See

  • Complete A to Z training for the manager to make sure your sales reps learn, internalize and execute this information

  • Steps to an effective, results-oriented training program

  • How to create the perfect training environment for your sales reps

  • 7 reasons why your sales reps should fall in love with selling

  • Why your sales reps shouldn't fall for the "Myth of the natural born salesperson"

  • The astonishing results of a UCLA study on 1,000 people - share this with your sales people and they'll gain an instant advantage overnight!

  • The 7 fundamentals of selling

  • How to use Tom's S.P.R. and P.D.R. formula to internalize the training for maximum performance

  • The real secret of successful selling and long-term relationships with clients

  • Tom's famous card trick questioning strategy

  • 8 types of powerful sales questioning techniques that fish out the secret desires of your prospects

  • How to overcome the fear of prospecting

  • The falling in love with "no" formula that will destroy the sting of rejection from hearing "NO"

  • 2 types of prospecting and what you must know about them to excel

This Training Will Undoubtedly
Put You or Your Team into the
Top 5% of Salespeople in the Country!

  • How to take advantage of the "Itch Cycle" to boost sales

  • Why "Orphan Adoption" can get new sales reps writing up orders in no time

  • What you need to know about lead clubs, newspapers and other sources for leads

  • How to build a leads network that pays off dividends for years to come

  • 6 types of tested and proven prospecting techniques

  • How to get past the dreaded gatekeeper

  • How many times reps should let an incoming call from a prospect ring before picking up the phone ... and why

  • Voicemail message templates that compel prospects to call back

  • How to stop playing phone tag and start landing appointments

  • Telephone tactics that work for any industry

  • How to win people over with the right type of dress, body language and grooming

  • 9 fears the average prospect has and how to turn those fears into trust

  • 16 dreaded words and phrases that kill sales - plus the words and phrases to replace them with that are tested and proven to improve closing ratios

  • 9 keys for establishing rapport that makes prospects like and trust you

  • 7 personality types of buyers and how to handle each one

  • Tom’s revolutionary N.E.A.D.S. formula for qualifying prospects - this alone could be worth thousands of dollars in new commissions

  • How to get prospects to tell you exactly how to sell to them - improves closing ratios dramatically!

  • The 6 reasons why people will buy from you and exactly how to tap into those reasons

  • How to give a presentation that's so good you should win an academy award for it!

  • How to handle interruptions during the presentation

  • Got a big weakness or objection you’re constantly faced with? Here's how to turn that challenge into an advantage when you present

  • The exact amount of time your sales presentation should last ... present too long and you’ll bore your prospect and consequently lose the sale

Yes, There's More...
Every Advantage You Need to WIN
Is Here in This Package!

  • How Tom's famous "Triplicate of Choice" strategy can boost your sales into the stratosphere (This one technique has turned the careers of thousands of salespeople around overnight)

  • How to skillfully overcome objections like a true pro

  • The best way to handle "It costs too much"

  • The best way to deal with "We're happy with what we currently have"

  • The finer points of handling objections, resolving them and turning them into yes's for your product or service

  • 8 body language cues to look out for from a prospect that reveals he's ready to buy

  • How to use test closes to discover if prospects are ready to buy - reduces botched closing attempts

  • The 4 signals that tell you to start the final closing sequence

  • 8 body language cues to look out for from a prospect that reveals he's ready to buy

  • 3 types of decision makers and how to skillfully handle them

  • Why it's critical you know more than 6 closes

  • 42 field-tested closing techniques that deliver sales! (Nowhere else will you find these 42 closing techniques in one place!)

Some of These POWER CLOSES Include...

  • The "I want to think it over close"

  • The "It costs too much close"

  • The Take It Away Close

  • The Fact-Weighing Scale Approach

  • A close for handling a prospect who's bent on saying "No" ... no matter what you say or do

  • A special close for handling long periods of silence

  • A special close for handling a sale that slipped away

  • A close for handling a prospect who's indecisive and afraid to make a decision

  • The "I can get it cheaper close"

Buyers Won't Be Able to Play Games
With You or Your Team Anymore!
You'll Know More Ways to Make Buyers Say, "Yes"
Than They Do to Say, "No" - Without Pressure!

  • Closes that are perfect for handling bad economic conditions

  • More closes for handling "sticker shock"

  • How to make a close on the second meeting

  • The Puppy Dog Close

  • How to bridge between closing attempts (4 bridge techniques)

  • The Envelope Close

  • Closes for handling "It isn't in the budget"

  • The Law of Ten Close

  • The Buyer's Remorse Close

  • The Competitive Edge Close

  • You'll get closes that are perfect for business to consumer scenarios and business to business scenarios

  • 6 Sure-fire techniques for getting lots of referral business

  • 7 fail-safe ways to build customer loyalty

  • 10 thank you note templates you can swipe for your situation

  • How to exit gracefully if a client does not buy from you

  • Increase sales totals with "Add-on Selling" (Tom explains the nuts and bolts of this technique)

  • 6 things you absolutely must know for beating the competition

  • How to - once and for all - set goals that really work (Tom reveals goal setting secrets that have worked miracles for thousands of his students)

  • How a 12 word sentence can revolutionize your time management efforts and double your productivity virtually overnight

  • The $25,000 Idea (This one tip alone will put any sales rep ahead of the pack)

  • 4 emotional handicaps that hold salespeople back and how to deal with them

  • 5 things you must know about keeping enthusiasm high

  • 3 qualities of successful people that research has discovered time and time again

  • 4 reasons why sales reps should be proud to be in sales, representing your company

Plus You'll Get These 3 Training Videos

Here's even more exciting news. You'll get a role-playing DVD that shows people acting out a sales scenario for a business to consumer situation and a business-to-business situation. You'll see it from the first phone call to the close and then asking for referrals. Then, you can watch a second version of each of these 2 role plays where there are notes at the bottom of the screen that show you what techniques are being applied!

It's part of the business - salespeople get discouraged and consider quitting. In DVD 12, you'll see "Tom's Worst Day in Sales." This was the worst day in my selling career and I almost quit because of it. You'll enjoy this riveting, and hilarious story of a sales call that went terribly wrong. Your team will realize that it's unlikely they'll run into a day as bad as this! This is one funny and insightful story you'll never forget!

Plus you'll get a 13th DVD from which you can print all of the course materials. They are all PDF documents.

  • Facilitator Guide

  • Student Manuals

  • Certificate of Completion - Many of our students add this to their resumes.

The facilitator-training notebook includes 9 real-world case studies that your reps can drill over and over again that will turn them into a crack team!

Let's face it learning anything new can sometimes be boring. But not so with the Building Sales Champions program. This is an entertaining and insightful program that your team will look forward to watching. This program truly makes sales training fun ... and most importantly it makes the training "STICK"!

Here are just a few of the hundreds of unsolicited testimonial comments we receive every week. Look at what this level of training can mean for you ...

Who've Dramatically Increased
Their Closing Ratios & Incomes

"I attribute earning well in excess of 7 figures annually and becoming financially independent to Tom Hopkins's techniques and material. Anyone serious about their career in sales should become a student of Tom's."
– Hector M. La Marque, Primerica Financial Services
"I have been following your teachings for a long time, went from a truck driver to #1 ranked rep, by listening to tapes, reading books and going to seminars. Thank you."
– Scott Miller
"I thought that the BOLD training I was taking through Keller Williams was great, but you are the best of the best! Very entertaining, informative, and enjoyable. I hope I can be as great as you someday."
– Kathleen Cooper
"I was a field rep for two years and then started a direct sales company. Long story short, we grossed just under 20 million in door to door sales a year. There is no one better at teaching sales than Tom."
-- Rob Juliano
"When I first joined the sales profession back in the early 80's, I was excited, but with absolutely no knowledge. Three weeks into studying Mr. Hopkins' materials my sales went "through the roof" and his teachings have allowed me to be of service to countless numbers of people throughout the years. I owe MUCH to Tom Hopkins and will be forever grateful!"
-- Bob Burg

Don't let another week go by without giving your team ... or yourself the BEST IN SALES TRAINING. This program is 100% guaranteed to be a game changer for you!

Let's summarize what you're getting:

  • 12 DVDs with complete index of topics.

  • Implementation DVD that shows you the best way to train your team in this system.

  • Implementation CD that includes PDF files of the student workbooks, the facilitator guide and award certificate.


Examine it for 60-Days
On a 100% No Risk Basis!

That's right ... this incredible training program comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply send the program back and I will immediately send you a complete refund ... with no questions asked.

The Building Sales Champions DVD system will more than pay for itself many times over in increased sales and add on business with lower sales rep turnover.

It's the solution you've been hoping for. And it's easy to order. Just click the Add to Cart button below and you'll be able to place your order on our 100% safe and secure PayPal server that's actually safer to use than a 5-star restaurant. You'll be so glad you did.


Tom Hopkins
Tom Hopkins
Chairman of the Board
Tom Hopkins International, Inc.
(800) 528-0446

P.S. The Building Sales Champions program is everything we say it is and more … that’s why we give you a full 60-days to test it, prove it and try it at no risk whatsoever.

You're about to discover the most powerful sales techniques and strategies available today. Without this information you're leaving money on the table. On that basis, why not give it a try?

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