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(The Advanced Home Study Course)

If you’re in residential real estate…the two most important things you can do are to learn how to persuade people to list their properties with you and how to sell those properties to qualified buyers.

It’s astonishing. Just by using certain words and strategies, you can achieve unbelievable success in real estate. But not all selling techniques are equal.

If you want the power to influence and persuade people to almost always say "Yes" to your service then it makes sense to discover and use the selling techniques of champions.

Imagine, knowing the words, the lines, the techniques, the closes and tactics of the top 5% of real estate salespeople in America! If you had this insight you could radically change your life, explode your income and live the lifestyle of your dreams. And there’s no one more qualified to teach you those skills than Tom Hopkins, The Builder of Sales Champions.

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Who is Tom Hopkins?

Tom Hopkins began his selling career in real estate in Southern California. At the time, the homes he was selling were going for less than most cars sell for today…$16,000 to $18,000. But, not many people earned enough to afford one. His first six months in real estate were anything but successful. He had sold only one home and averaged $42 a month in income. No matter how you live, that won’t pay the bills.

There were a lot of things holding Tom back. For one, his only mode of transportation was a motorcycle. For another, he didn’t own a suit (the standard apparel for real estate agents in those days). He showed up to work each day in a uniform he wore in a band in high school. Not very professional.

He was down to his last $150 in savings when a man came into his real estate office promoting a three-day sales training seminar with J. Douglas Edwards. Tom hadn’t yet heard of either “sales training” or Mr. Edwards. But he decided to invest his last bit of savings in the program because he loved real estate and saw others achieving great success in the field.

It was then that Tom realized selling is a learned skill. He was so inspired by Mr. Edwards’ training that he became an avid student. He attended seminars, read books on selling and even invested in some vinyl records on self-improvement.

Tom applied everything he learned and by the time he turned 27, he was a

He set records that remained unbroken until this century. His last year as a real estate agent, he sold 365 homes—the equivalent of one each day. Grand total, he closed 1,553 real estate transactions in a period of six years.

Eventually, his knowledge of how to sell evolved into his current sales training career where he is recognized as America’s #1 Sales Trainer and The Builder of Sales Champions. Tom has been called upon to teach at many real estate association conventions and in private programs for real estate companies such as REMAX, Realty Executives and Coldwell Banker just to name a few.

With a record like that don’t you think you’d be in good hands when it comes to learning top tier listing and selling techniques? Absolutely. The good news is…

Now – you can discover all of Tom’s most powerful listing and selling secrets from beginner to advanced level in his CD programs titled "Mastering the Art of Listing Real Estate" and "Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate."

Each program includes 6 audio CDs and an additional CD with a training manual on it. The manual was designed specifically to aid in your retention of the material.

You’ll enjoy listening to Tom’s sales training -- after all he’s considered one of America’s best public speakers. You can learn everything you need to know to succeed in selling real estate at your desk, while you drive, jog or relax at home.

In the
"How to Master the Art of Listing Real Estate"
Home Study Course you’ll discover:

    Listing Real Estate CD Program
  • The 5 steps to mastering any skill

  • How to turn your little old business card into a powerful marketing tool

  • 10 common characteristics of sales champions (How many of these do you have?)

  • How to accept failure and rejection as nothing more than rungs on your ladder to success

  • 7 motivators to inspire even greater achievements in both business and in life

  • The questions to ask that demonstrate your competence and lead to listings

  • 6 emotional hot buttons you can push to get people to want you to be the one to serve their needs

  • The 9 words a sales professional must never say to a prospect or client

  • How to overcome 'We don't want to give out a key". We don't want to tie the property up with a long listing. We want to try to sell it ourselves first. We can always rent. We don't have to sell. And, "We know our neighbors sold for more than you’re suggesting."

  • How to plan your time for the greatest level of productivity

  • 12 different strategies for generating new leads

  • How to get the listing with determined F.S.B.O.s

  • How to dominate in your chosen neighborhoods

  • 7 steps to a fun, powerful and profitable open house

  • Exactly what to say and do to win listings – a two-step approach

  • How to say what you need to say when the sellers’ homes need work or when their homes are over-improved

  • An actual scripted listing presentation that includes the most typical client challenges and how to overcome them

  • Insights into the moods of the sellers so you know how to address their particular situations

  • And a bonus review CD containing just the phraseology you need to hear over and over in order to make it a natural part of you

You can own the powerful selling system of America’s top sales trainer & go from struggling salesperson to the highest-paid salesperson in your company!

In the
"How to Master the Art of Selling Real Estate"
Home Study Course you’ll discover:

    Selling Real Estate CD Program
  • 5 characteristics specific to Champion sales closers

  • How to deal with different personality types of people you will meet

  • Powerful questioning strategies to get potential buyers talking—(get them to tell you exactly what they’ll own)

  • How to sell the appliances and swing sets (hint: the home goes with them)

  • 14 words to never say with buyers

  • How to write ads that make the phone ring…and then how to meet those callers face-to-face

  • The best ways to avoid giving out too much information

  • The champion salesperson’s words for addressing “Why are they selling?” "Will the owner take less?" and, your favorite, "I want to bring my friend who knows all about real estate."

  • The right way to qualify potential buyers (eliminating the "it costs too much" stall later)

  • What to talk about in the car on the way to view properties

  • Setting the stage before viewing properties and how to properly show them

  • How, when and where to obtain the offer

  • Addressing concerns such as "Doesn’t everyone offer less?" "We want to think it over" and "The payments are just too high."

  • 9 word-for-word closing strategies to get the final commitment

  • An actual scripted closing sequence with typical buyers…including presenting the offer and counter offers

  • 10 key concepts on which to build your real estate career

  • A complete review section with all the phraseology you need to know to close more sales

Own it Now
Save $166.95 on this bundle.

Rave Reviews
Over Tom’s Selling Strategies

"Tom's books are classic as are his CD's. Seems no matter when I put any one of his CDs in on the way to an appointment I always get another timely reminder."

– Sandie Mulrooney

"Tom’s training kept me going when I was new and didn’t have a clue. Once mastered, his strategies helped me achieve incredible success. I still encourage all of my agents to learn from Tom."

– Diane Turton

"With Tom’s training, I was able to set records in the State of California for real estate transactions for many years. Couldn't have done it without him!"

–Terry Barker

Wouldn't you like to have results like these people?
Tom shows you how!

All the key topics of selling are covered, including mindset, how to handle rejection, prospecting, presentation, referrals, telephone techniques, sales questions, emotional selling, objections, time management, closing and more.

Everything from the basics to the advanced techniques of real estate champions who consistently rank #1 in their companies are yours in this program.

Would you prefer to earn many times more than you are now or to become the top in your company? Tom’s proven program gives you the tools to reach those goals.

If you were paying the usual fee to attend a LIVE Tom Hopkins event, your investment would be significant. (Many people have happily invested $1,395 per person for his 3-Day Boot Camp plus travel expenses to attend.)

But your investment will not be $1,395. Or $595. Or even $395. Your total investment including all 30 training topics of the Listing and Selling Real Estate Home Study Course, is just $276.95 $110.00. That’s not a misprint. But you must act now!

Limited Availability
Over Tom’s Selling Strategies

This amazing offer may be withdrawn at any time.
To avoid disappointment, order now.

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Review the "Tom Hopkins Real Estate Library" Home Study Course in your own home or office for 60 days – we're confident that if you apply these techniques you will get more listings and close more sales than you ever have before. Guaranteed. However if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, return the home study course undamaged for a prompt and courteous refund. What could be more fair?

Here’s What to Do Next …

Have your credit card handy and click the link below to place your order. This is a 128-bit digitally encrypted 100% secure PayPal server. This means it’s actually safer to use your credit card here than at a 5-star restaurant. After you place your order, you’ll instantly receive a confirmation of your order. Your package, which includes 2 complete digital workbooks on CD plus 12 audio CD’s will arrive at your home according to your choice of shipping methods.

Just think the listing and selling skills of America’s top trainer – Tom Hopkins -- can now be yours! With these skills you can practically have people lining up and begging you to sell their homes (or help them buy them).

Own it Now
Save $166.95 on this bundle.

Selling Real Estate book LIMITED TIME BONUS: If you order immediately, you'll receive a hard cover copy of Tom's best-selling real estate book, "Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate." This book combines the listing and selling strategies that helped Tom become a millionaire in real estate in 8 years. You can do it faster. He developed these strategies the hard way--through trial and error. Selling Real Estate CD Program You can skip the error part and use these powerful ideas and strategies starting immediately. Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover:

  • What to do when you're new

  • Selling with emotions

  • How to acquire listing power

  • The asking secret

  • How, when and where to close the sale

  • Presenting offers and counter-offers

  • Building a 100% referral business!

Fully indexed, you’ll quickly find the answers to challenges you face daily. You don’t want to miss out on this book! It’s a $26.95 value but yours FREE today!

P.S. Your investment may be tax deductible. Please check with your tax advisor

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Tom Hopkins is world-renowned as America's #1 sales trainer. For over 30 years, he has helped millions of sales professionals around the world serve more people through proven-effective selling skills. His books have sold in the millions, and hundreds of thousands of people benefit from his recorded audio and video programs every day. For more information, contact Tom Hopkins International

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