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Seven Steps to Getting Referrals  

Who is Tom Hopkins?

Tom Hopkins made his first million in sales by the age of 27. He accomplished this by making the subject of selling his hobby—studying every aspect of the sale in incredible detail. Today, he is world-renowned as a master sales trainer. Let him show you how to be a more effective and successful salesperson.

Seven Steps to Getting Referrals
How to get multiple pre-qualified leads from every client Ebook.

7 Steps Referral Guide E-book The easiest lead to close is a referred lead. Unfortunately, not many mortgage brokers have mastered the art form that the process entails. I’ve developed a simple, seven-step process to obtaining referrals that will give you so much more success in developing your referral business that you will make it an automatic part of every selling situation.

Here are some of the steps you will memorize to get referrals.

  • Help your clients think of specific people they know.
  • Ask qualifying questions about the referrals.
  • Ask the client to call and introduce you to the referrals.
The better you know them, the better you’ll mine the rich lode of referrals that’s just waiting for you in your current client base.

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