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Cuts through sales resistance like a hot knife through butter and
Helping You Make More Sales amd Earn More Income
Sell It Today, Sell It Now Book  

Attention salespeople and business owners: Do you wish you could sell your products and services now … instead of making endless contacts before you close the sale? If you said, “Yes” then take a look at this:

“45-Year Veteran of Sales Develops a Revolutionary

One-Call-Closing System

That’s Pulled in a Staggering

$2 Billion in Sales!”


Own it Now

Those awful days of chasing and begging prospects to buy are over! Now you can confidently walk in and close the sale on your first contact! You’ll rack up thousands in

new revenue like never before!


Armed with these street-proven selling secrets, taking the position of the top salesperson for your company and keeping it

is easier than ever. See how …



As a salesperson, you hear these words more often than not: “Well, thanks, but I’ll have to get back with you.”


It’s one of the most frustrating, teeth-clenching challenges a sales professional faces. You work your magic calling on a potential client, delivering a presentation worthy of an academy award, yet weeks fly by and you’re still trying to pin your client down to cut a check.


Hours turn to days … days turn to weeks … wasted chasing potential clients who stall, delay, and play games. Potential revenues are slipping through your fingers because so much time is wasted in unnecessarily long sales cycles that often go nowhere.


But imagine what would happen if you suddenly had the power to close most of your clients today – now! Just picture how much easier your life would be.


It would put a grinding halt to endless calls, presentations and an agonizingly long sales cycle. If this happened … your schedule would suddenly open up with endless opportunities to close more sales and generate more earnings!


In no time flat, your income would soar! Can you see how much of a game-changer this would be for your career and lifestyle?


Sure, I understand, this sounds like a pipe-dream. But the exciting news is that it’s not. It’s bona-fide fact. Allow me to introduce you to a man named Pat Leiby.


Pat Leiby

Meet the Undisputed King of One-Call Closing


Pat is the undisputed master of the one-call close. Instead of spending untold hours making calls, visits, and sending emails, Pat can show you on your very first visit, how to easily close the sale, right then, right there. Sounds crazy, I know.


But it’s possible because Pat developed a one-call-closing system over a period of 45 years in face-to-face, sales situations. Just within the past 15 years, his one-call-closing method has been responsible for over $2 billion in sales by the people he’s trained!

Tom Hopkins

To make things even better for you, Tom Hopkins and Pat have joined forces. Tom’s proven-effective words and phrases have been added to Pat’s powerful closing method. Not only can you learn Pat’s system, but learn it with Tom’s phraseology for a double-whammy boost to your selling career. It’s called the Sell It Today, Sell It Now system.


The reason why this system works is that it’s simple. Pat’s method is based on a process. A process that realizes certain buttons must be pushed in a certain order, in a certain way. He’s discovered that by incrementally lowering sales resistance and then increasing sales acceptance, you can sell up a storm! And with Tom’s words and phrases, get ready to generate hurricane strength results.


Pat’s story is an interesting one …


After High School, Pat spent years lying on basement floors, working on greasy washing machines as an appliance mechanic. Finally, he’d had enough.


Pat got a job with an insurance company in a poor neighborhood in Akron, Ohio. That’s when the addiction set in. Pat became hooked on selling and worked tirelessly to find a way to shorten sales cycles and all the chasing so he could close the sale that same day, if possible.


His work paid off in spades and he became the #1 salesman in various companies. His results are so amazing, that he even increased one company’s sales volume by a whopping 500%!


$2,000,000,000 in Sales!

Can Your Sales System Match Those Results?


How would you like to get your hands on a system like that? Can you see how it would send your income soaring like an out-of-control bottle-rocket?


The good news is you can discover Pat and Tom’s proven one-call-close system without risking a single penny. How?

Sell it Today, Sell it Now book

Pat has teamed up with Tom Hopkins to offer his complete, no-holds barred selling system in a book titled, Sell it Today, Sell it NowŌ – Mastering the Art of the One-Call Close. The book gives you the visual explanation of this powerful system. It’s something you won’t easily forget.


This is not an intimidation or hard close program. Instead, it’s a breath of fresh air, because this system is unlike anything you’ve seen before.


It’s pure dynamite for retail selling, and scenarios where you’ve only got one chance, and it works great for big-ticket B-to-B sales, since it’ll substantially cut the sales cycle down to a fraction of the time.


When the moment for the close arrives, you’ll love how much easier it’ll be to get paperwork approved, agreements authorized, and checks written. In other words, you’ll see results fast!


I’m confident once you get a taste of this easy-going, soft-selling, results-only-system, you’ll absolutely love it and never want to sell any other way!


Less stress, more efficient use of time and more income to you by closing the sale fast, while building successful client relationships! That’s what this is all about.


Here’s a sneak-peek at what you’ll discover in this blockbuster book:


n  Why the one-call-sales close method instantly gives you an unfair advantage over other salespeople


n  The exciting reason why you don’t have to resort to tricks, gimmicks or false urgency to get the sale right away


n  The thermometer-degree system for “walking” a potential client out of sales resistance – even if he was fully committed before your meeting to not buy from you


n  How to open up your potential client’s mind by creating “mental vacuums” so he’ll be receptive to hearing your presentation


n  The 2 phases of a one-time close and how to master both phases


n  6 hidden fears that hold salespeople back from stellar success … and how to diffuse each one and replace it with power beliefs


n  A mind-training process that transforms you into a competent, high performance professional that internalizes and owns these techniques, like a Kung-Fu master that instinctively blocks a blow


n  The 4 personality types of potential clients and how to customize your sales presentation to fit each of those personalities (This takes your selling to a whole new level!)


n  The N.T.H.H. formula that let’s you control every sales situation … and dissolves every obstacle standing between you and the sale (The cornerstone of the one-call close system)


n  The systematic formula for dissolving sales resistance in a prospect initiated interaction or a salesperson initiated meeting


n  The 5 steps to gaining the trust of your prospects


n  How to use your clothes, body language and speaking voice to gain trust (This alone will set you ahead of the pack!)


n  A special sentence you should speak at the beginning of every sales situation that ups the odds that you’ll close the sale that same day


n  A special technique that few salespeople know, that let’s your words and demonstrations really “sink in” for maximum effect


n  How to open up a conversation with executive-level people


n  The power-bonding process that gets your potential clients to think, “You know, it feels like I’ve known you all my life”


n  How to uncover your client’s hidden needs and even better -- get him to show you the best way to sell him (Very clever)


n  Questioning tactics you can use to discover what your potential client is really thinking at a given time


n  A hand gesture you can use during a sales presentation that subconsciously let’s the prospect feel he can trust you


n  Stop dealing with the wrong people. Discover a proven qualification process that separates good prospects from bad – saves you hours of wasted time and frustration


n  What a 45-year veteran of sales can tell you about approaching the price issue with clients – what really works and what doesn’t


n  How to break a married couple’s “pact” that they will not buy … and get them to approve the paperwork with smiles on their faces!


n  How to combine FACTS and BENEFITS into a tour de force!


n  How to get your prospect excited and desiring your product … without pressuring him


n  The three reasons clients choose to buy your product or service


n  5 time-proven ways to get your potential client to take action at once – without gimmicks or pressure


n  How to use the “3-Option-Close” to land more sales than ever!


n  Pat’s famous “Price Close” for racking up sales is fully explained


n  How to master the art of the one-time close with people long-distance


n  How to and when to use assumptive and suggestive selling statements


n  15 proven keys for handling objections like a master closer


n  Plus much more!


Put this step-by-step sales training in your hands. Keep it on your desk, in your car, in your office. Refer to it often. Why? Because it holds the key to a successful future for you.


As you’ll soon see, there are no theories, platitudes or shop-worn ideas. The Sell it Today, Sell it NowŌ system arms you with street-proven techniques, tactics and selling methods that work like gang-busters to add more numbers behind the dollar sign on your pay-check!


Better still … this system works to bond your clients to you, so they’ll keep coming back to buy from you again, and again and again!


Rave Reviews Over

Sell it Today, Sell it NowŌ

Pour In


“Will Drastically Increase Your Income”

“I’ve enjoyed Tom’s books for over 20 years. This selling concept is a remarkable new approach for closing sales that will drastically increase your income.”

– Mark Victor Hanson, Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books


“A Must Read”

“Thanks Tom and Pat! Tom’s first book made me millions. I know this program will take my closing skills to an all-time high. It is a must have for my organization.” – Hector LaMarque, SNSD, Primerica Financial Services


“The Greatest Sales Trainer”

“Pat Leiby is by far the greatest sales trainer I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He can only be described as a sales and marketing genius. By teaming up with the legendary Tom Hopkins, this program is bound to be a success.”

– Jim Gissy, Executive VP Sales/Marketing, Westgate Resorts


This System is Like Being Able to

Write Your Own Paycheck in Life!


What will life be like not having to chase after clients or be stumped by stalls, objections, delays and mind games? Come on over, it’s great! You can put those days of wasted time, and stress behind you and bring your selling game into the 21st century with a guaranteed system that gets them to make buying decisions now – today!

As you might have guessed, Pat Leiby’s fees for training companies in this system that took 45 years to perfect are out of most people’s leagues. To attend a special seminar where he teaches this revolutionary material would easily set you back $1,000 to $3,000 dollars. But you know what? It would be worth every penny. Add to Pat’s incredible knowledge Tom Hopkins’ strategies and skills to apply within this system and you have something magical at your fingertips!


The good news is, you can get your hard cover copy of Sell it Today, Sell it NowŌ for just $9.00 for a limited time. Best of all, you can try it without risking a single red cent.


And yet … owning this exciting program will add on thousands, possibly tens of thousands of dollars more to your income.


Ironclad 60-Day Results Guarantee


If Pat and Tom’s time-proven one-call close selling system doesn’t shorten your sales cycle, take the stress out of selling, and stack up your earnings … then return the program within 60 days and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund minus shipping and handling.


It’s that simple. However, I’m confident once you dive in, and see these never-before-publicly-disclosed techniques, you’ll absolutely never want to part with this system. It’s like finding hidden treasure. You’ll understand what I mean once you see it. Oh, and you’ll love being the envy of the other sales pros in your company as you sail to top performer status.


What to do next?


Have your credit card handy and click the link below to place your order. This is a 128-bit digitally encrypted 100% secure server. This means it’s actually safer to use your credit card here than at a 5-star restaurant. After you place your order, you’ll instantly receive an emailed receipt of your order. Your copy of Sell it Today, Sell it NowŌ by Pat Leiby and Tom Hopkins will ship to you according to your chosen instructions.

To claim your copy of the Sell it Today, Sell it NowŌ system, please click the order button below.

Own it Now




Judy Slack

Vice President of Business Development

Tom Hopkins International, Inc.


Will you look back next week and say to yourself, “I Wish I Had” or “I’m Glad I Did?” Today’s decision to try Sell it Today, Sell it NowŌ is NOT final.


You have 60-days to prove this system to yourself. Every day you’re without it is a day where you needlessly worked too hard and possibly missed out on additional sales (and revenues). The clock is ticking. Don’t delay another moment, order today. Thank you.

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