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Selling in Tough Times Book  

Introducing …


Secrets to Selling When No One is Buying

by Tom Hopkins, The Builder of Sales Champions


“The world’s best sales trainer shows you how to sell yourself rich
—now while others are idling.”

—Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the #1 New York Times bestselling series,
Chicken Soup for the Soul   Read More Here

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SELLING IN TOUGH TIMES has been awarded the National Award for Business books in France.




ow you can put Tom's real-world, in the trenches experience to work for you. Create your own plan to reverse the momentum of tough times and capitalize on them.


Selling in Tough Times Book

Tough times can be brought on by any number of factors: a down economy, Mother Nature, shifts in client needs, national tragedy and the list goes on. These types of changes can be extremely disruptive, even paralyzing, when you’re not prepared for them.  


Some people believe they should “sit tight” and ride things out, but true sales professionals understand that the only way to handle adversity is to meet it head-on. That’s why a positive attitude and a proactive approach to challenges are two of the most essential ingredients for success in sales.


“Packed with ideas and sales techniques. Regardless the economic picture,
Tom is the master of selling NOW!”

—Joel Weldon, Speakers Hall of Fame executive speech coach and sales trainer
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In the

“Selling in Tough Times”

Secrets to Selling When No One is Buying
You'll Discover:


  • The Causes of Tough Times


  • Selling is Serving


  • How You Handle a Slump


  • Going back to the Fundamentals of Selling


  • What to Do When Facing a Challenging Cycle


  • Why Someone Should Purchase from You


  • When You Finally Know They are Listening, What Do You Say?


  • Loyalty Building Campaigns


  • The Power of Positive Press


  • The Power of Effective Qualification


  • Eliminating Money Concerns


  • What are Clients Afraid Of?


  • Closes for Challenging Situations.


“A master trainer, Tom takes the sometimes overwhelming world of sales, and breaks it down into manageable, bite-size chunks. By filtering out a lot of extraneous information, he focuses in on what steps you need to take in order to close sales in difficult economies. He takes key ideas, and magnifies them to the point where you're able to take the concept, and apply it to your own industry. Whether times are tough or not, I would recommend this book to anyone in a sales career. ”

Tom Thiessen, Plumbing Sales blog Read More Here


This book will provide you with exercises that will help you reveal overlooked opportunities and increase your effectiveness.   Read the introduction to the book here


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Review “Selling In Tough Times” for 60 days – we’re confident that if you apply these techniques you will close more sales than you ever have before. Guaranteed. However if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, return the book undamaged for a prompt and courteous refund. What could be more fair?


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Just think the selling skills of America’s top trainer – Tom Hopkins -- can now be yours! With these skills you can practically have people lining up and begging to do business with you.




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P. S. The book is also available in Audiobook format on Amazon.com. Selling in Tough Times: Secrets to Selling When No One Is Buying

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