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Helping You Make More Sales amd Earn More Income
Tom Hopkins Live Real Estate Sales Training  

Finally! A recording of a full-day real estate training event!


"Developing Real Estate Champions"will show you how to list more properties, and guide buyers to make offers faster than ever before!Ē


Itís selling without looking like youíre selling.


Wouldnít it be great if you could shorten your sales cycle, cut through sales resistance, and close more home sales than ever before? You bet it would!


Tom Hopkins Live Real Estate Sales Training

As you know, the sale or purchase of a home is usually the largest financial decision most people make. And, of course, they want to get the most for their home while at the same time paying the least for their next home. That expectation makes perfect sense ... to them.


Working with buyer and seller expectations is why you need to hone your skills as a communicator. After all, weíre professional problem-solvers. Thatís our real job even if the title on our business cards says ďagent.Ē Not being prepared takes its toll on your career and may make you wonder if youíre truly cut out for this profession. Yet, sales is the highest paid and potentially most rewarding profession you can get into.


But who wants to clash with buyers and sellers day after day, week after week? Nobody! Thatís why it make senses to master as many proven-effective sales strategies as you can.


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How do you do that?


First -- alter your thinking about real estate sales. Your approach, your words, and your actions must be different than what the rest are doing. You want to reframe yourself, not as a salesperson, but as someone who plays the role of an expert advisor.


True Ė this isnít exactly anything new. Except for one thing.


You know other agents who appear to work seamlessly. They move effortlessly between listing appointments, property demonstrations, and closings. You can do that, too, with proper training.


During my last year in real estate, I helped families with home ownership decisions 365 times. Since thatís the equivalent of one each day for that year, know that I had systems in place. I used specific strategies. And I built a team of professionals to handle all those crazy details that can so easily fall through the cracks. And I can show you how to do it, too.


Presenting Developing Real Estate Champions .

Put this exciting CD program in your hands and you get 4 hours of real estate sales training packed with dynamite selling secrets! Thatís 40 yearsí worth of time-proven wisdom. Just one of these techniques can make a big difference in your next listing presentation or discussion with buyers about making an offer.

And if you think youíve heard it all before, think again, because once you listen to this program, youíll agree these arenít your ordinary ďsales secrets.Ē

Own it Now

As youíll soon see, these secrets give you an unfair advantage that letís you run circles around the competition. Using these step-by-step techniques youíll be armed to the teeth with cutting-edge sales tactics that work like magic to slide past sales resistance.


In my Developing Real Estate Champions

Course Youíll Discover:


  • Innovative ideas for finding and connecting with potential clients for both listings and sales


  • Strategies for turning that voice on the phone or email request into flesh-and-blood meetings with potential clients


  • How to get your potential clients talking ... telling you exactly what it will take for you to get their listing or to sell them a property


  • Exactly what to say to overcome the most common real estate objections


  • How to spot buying signs ... even the most subtle ones ... and how to turn those signs into sales!


  • 9 proven-effective closing strategies to get buyers off the fence and making ownership decisions today


  • Strategies for keeping your attitude positive even on those days when quitting real estate altogether sounds like a good option



Amazing Things Happen When You

Use My Time-Honored Selling Secrets!


ďAbout 34 years ago, I went to one of your seminars in Jackson, MS, I enjoyed it so much that I purchased the How to get Listings cassettes and the Selling cassettes. They helped me immensely, in fact, if it had not been for that seminar and those tapes I would have been a lost sheep in the dark. But here it is 2012, I have my own Real Estate business and am rocking and rolling. Last night I got those old tapes out of the closet and said to myself "I'm going to see what's going on with Tom Hopkins". I'm writing all this to tell you ... Thank you, Thank you for everything you have done and are presently doing for the selling profession. You are truly a talented and remarkable man.Ē Ė Susie McDaniel


""Tom's books are classic as are his CD's. Seems no matter when I put any one of his CDs in on the way to an appointment I always get another timely reminder."." -- Sandie Mulrooney

Own it Now


Imagine blasting through sales resistance like a runaway truck going through roadblocks and winning more sales than you do now. I show you how!


After you listen to this incredible live seminar presentation you will think differently about everything you have been doing. Everything that has led to your current level of results.


If you were paying the usual fee to attend one of my LIVE sales training events where these selling secrets are taught, your investment would be significant Ė and truly worth every penny many times over. (By the way, many people have happily invested $1,495 per person for our 3-Day Boot Camp plus travel expenses to attend.)


But the good news is, these powerful secrets were recorded from a live, one-day seminar program titled, Developing Real Estate Champions. The seminar was recorded and made available in this 7 CD program, plus the actual seminar workbook. It will be as if youíre right there in the room with me. And itís yours to own for just $115.00. Best of all, you can try it without risking a single penny.


Our 60-Day Solemn Promise to You

Your Income Must Increase or Owe Nothing


If my time-proven real estate selling system doesnít increase your closing ratio and your income Ö then return the CD program within 60 days and youíll receive a prompt and courteous refund minus shipping and handling.


Itís that simple. However, Iím confident once you dive in, and hear the strategies, youíll absolutely never want to part with these CDs. Itís like finding a prized diamond.


What to do next?

Have your credit card handy and click the link below to place your order. This is a PayPal encrypted secure server. This means itís actually safer to use your credit card here than at a 5-star restaurant. After you place your order, youíll instantly receive an emailed receipt of your order. Your copy of Tom Hopkins LIVE will be shipped according to your instructions.


Donít delay another moment Ė energize your selling skills and make more money than ever before through this CD program!

This program contains over 4 hours of sales training

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