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Helping You Make More Sales amd Earn More Income
Ten Biggest Sales & Marketing Mistakes MP3  
10 Biggest Sales & Marketing Mistakes Everyone is Making
and How to Avoid Them MP3

Ten Biggest Sales and Marketing MP3
Studies show that about 90% of all small businesses fold in five years. All too often, business owners focus too heavily on products, facilities, and everything but the sales and marketing process. Yet, your ability to advertise, generate leads and close a high ratio of those leads is the engine that drives growth.

10,000 companies rely on Tom Hopkins to teach them how to avoid sales and marketing mistakes and how to explode profits and create exponential growth. Now you can get in on the action too! In Tom’s MP3, titled 10 Biggest Sales and Marketing Mistakes, you can forgo years of trial and error, and chart your way towards meteoric success starting immediately!

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10 Biggest Sales & Marketing Mistakes Everyone is Making
and How to Avoid Them MP3
and in just moments from now you can discover:

  • How to actually generate more sales at higher amounts

  • How to potentially double your advertising leads

  • Why typical, slick image ads as sold by some ad agencies are a waste of money

  • What makes a good ad that'll drive traffic through your doors, to your website, or phone

  • The types of ads that are known for producing thousands of super-qualified leads

  • How to get potential clients to tell you what their needs are

  • How to use "reason why" advertising themes to generate more leads and to close more sales

  • How to use headlines in ads to attract the most qualified buyers to peruse your ads

  • Why being a good salesperson doesn’t mean being pushy or aggressive

  • How poor salespeople can literally kill your business and burn up your advertising budget

  • Why a good salesperson comes across like a detective or psychotherapist

  • How talking too much with clients can actually undo closed sales!

  • How to paint images into the minds of your buyers that motivate them to write you checks!

  • The main way you can get someone to purchase something

  • How to respond to objections or concerns

  • How to handle buyer questions in a manner that pushes the sale forward

  • The most important thing a business person can learn about sales

  • And more

Put these ideas into action and watch as your dream of owning a thriving, super-profitable business happens! This is information that not 1 in 1000 small business owners understands. But you’ll know it -- and prosper!

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Learn how to increase your ability to flourish and prosper in business.
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