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Building Lifetime Clients through Effective Customer Service MP3  

Customer opinion of you depends on you

Customer service is one of the most critical areas of your business! If you are not also creating lifetime relationships in the process, you are missing an opportunity. This is your chance discover how to serve your customers in minutes without having to pay for shipping.

Tom Hopkins Customer Service MP3

Having the best techniques and people skills in front line areas like customer service or sales support is important isn’t it? One unhappy customer can make big impact because bad news travels fast.

Goal of this program is to give you and
your organization the skills that will
allow you to create lifetime clients.

Keeping existing clients is substantially less costly than acquiring new ones. Additionally, exceptional service brings you low or no cost promotion through referral business and positive press. The resulting higher service ratings lead to greater profits and an advantage over the competition.

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Increase your skills, enhance your value to the organization and the customers you serve by mastering the key qualities and characteristics of exceptional customer service.

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Face to Face or over the phone here are some of the people skills you will master to enhance what you are already doing.

  • Initial Contact: Set the stage for the balance of your communication with the customer.

  • Questions: How to use questions to better serve the customer.

  • Interacting with Customer: Not just how to start but how best to proceed and how to get feedback that will benefit you and your organization.

  • Understanding the Power of Words: Uncover which words create a negative response and which words a beneficial response.

  • Gain an advantage by Listening: Obtain as much information as possible to better serve your customers and foster future sales.

  • Steps to handle challenging clients: Whether working with angry, dissatisfied or high maintenance customers these steps will help you win them over.

Providing quality effective customer service is vital to the survival and growth of your business. It begins with your organization’s commitment to what you do.

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Tom Hopkins
Tom Hopkins
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P.S. This training program is normally a $47.00 value but for a limited time it is our gift to you.. Plus since it is in MP3 format you pay no shipping and can use it as soon as you download it. I encourage you to act soon before your competition does.

Yes Tom, I want to get my MP3 copy of Creating Lifetime Clients without have to pay shipping fees.

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Download time with high speed connection is 3 minutes. Total length of training 37 minutes 22 seconds.

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