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Powerful Communication Skills MP3  

Want to connect with the people you serve and create a referral business?

If you were given the opportunity to discover what your customers really wanted and then express how you would help them get what they wanted, wouldn’t you take advantage of that opportunity? Act now and you can get “Powerful Communication Skills” from Tom Hopkins for your immediate use without having to pay for shipping.

Great salespeople are not pushy and have a great referral base that is happy to send business to them. They listen effectively and use questions to manage their conversations with the people they meet.

Powerful Communication Skills MP3

Tom Hopkins is internationally recognized as the leading How to Sales Trainer. You can now take this training and make it your own. Tom has made this training available as an MP3 download for your immediate use.

Training in this MP3 session require that you go through the process of listening to them repeatedly to make them work for you. Tom will show you when to listen, which questions to ask, what their responses mean and what to say.

Own it Now

You will discover

  • Four Benefits of Good Listening Skills.

  • Seven Reasons why Questioning is the Key.

  • Valuable Questioning Skills

  • Three types of Listeners

  • How to avoid the Five Listening Pitfalls

  • Five Good Listening Practices.

Own it Now

Master these simple strategies to help people receive benefit from what you are saying and get them to want more from you.


Tom Hopkins
Tom Hopkins
Chairman of the Board
Tom Hopkins International, Inc.
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P.S.   Since this audio is in MP3 format you pay no shipping and can use it as soon as you download it. I encourage you to act soon before your competition does.

Download time with high speed connection is 1 minute.
Total length of program 16 minutes 25 seconds.

How to get your MP3 copy of Powerful Communication skills

Step 1. Press “Add to Cart” to begin the process

Step 2. Enter your contact and payment information then press "Continue".

Step 3. Your final invoice page will have a red "Download" button. Select it and your file will download to your computer. Be sure to save the file to a relevant place on your computer. MP3 will play on you computer, favorite MP3 player or copy it to a CD for use in you car.

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