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Sales Closes Set to Music MP3  
Music is an excellent learning tool!

Sales closes set to music Think about what happens in your brain when you hear the opening music to a song you loved and knew by heart 5, 10 or 20 years ago. The lyrics just pop into your head. Emotions from that time come back to you.

When lyrics are attached to catchy music, they reach into a deeper level of our brains...and we remember.

Because of that, one of our long-time students, Julio Cardenas, suggested we have the lyrics of some of our most beneficial closes set to music as a learning aid. He had the vision and the wherewithal to get it done and here's the result...a downloadable music CD with the phraseology for five of our most popular closes.

If you've ever struggled with learning the right words to say in closing sales...here's the cure! Listen before you decide!

Learn how to increase your ability to flourish and prosper in business. This recording normally has a $100.00 value

Save download to your desktop. Your download will be in zip format. Unpack the zip file to access the 5 songs in the file.

Total length of songs 17 minutes 7 seconds.
Download time with high speed connection is 2 minutes.

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