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Tom Hopkins on Management MP3 Series  

How to Gain, Train, and Maintain

 a Dynamic Sales Force MP3

Sales team management and training for sales managers

Being a sales manager is more than just perusing sales numbers and cajoling reps to produce. It’s an art and a science that covers a variety of nuances involved with recruiting, training, retaining, and managing an office of dedicated producers.

Tom Hopkins is proud to present his landmark 7-module MP3 program titled: How to Gain, Train, and Maintain a Dynamic Sales Force. You simply won’t find a program like this elsewhere. It’s a tour-de-force and a virtual MBA in sales management.

You can listen to this MP3 program in the car, in the office, and at home -- delivers all the tips, techniques, and strategies you need to wield an unstoppable sales force!

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Here’s a sneak-peak of what you’ll discover:

  • How to fill your office with above-average sales reps who are excited about making money

  • What tasks you should be delegating and which you shouldn’t

  • The master key to energizing your sales force to consistently produce

  • Why zero turn-over may be bad for you!

  • How to help your sales reps enhance their self-image for super-charged performance

  • The one ingredient that’s holding most of your team back and how to fix it

  • The art and science of recruiting new talent – explained

  • The “Alaskan Pipeline Strategy” and how it can help you build a killer sales force

  • Why it’s vital you understand local laws regarding the recruiting of sales reps (Many managers have violated the law and didn’t even realize it.)

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  • The new sales management philosophy that breeds success

  • 10 characteristics of a super-star sales manager

  • Why you want to be respected rather than feared or liked

  • How to relate to your employees when outside the office

  • How to lead by example to inspire your team

  • Your #1 priority as a sales manager

  • How to avoid creating office drama

  • How to prevent small office problems from turning into big ones

  • How to develop and communicate an inspiring vision for yourself and your team

  • 5 places to find potential sales talent

  • How the “Salesperson’s Exchange Group” strategy supplies you with new recruits

  • What to do with reps who are burned out

  • The do’s and don’ts of advertising for new talent

  • How to write a compelling job ad that gets your phone ringing off the hook

  • Why you must see yourself as a teacher rather than a sales trainer and what this means in terms of rep performance

  • How to get reps to develop problem-solving skills

  • What you should be doing instead of lecturing or “talking at” your reps to inspire production

  • What you must know about role-play and sales drills

  • A psychological principle that when applied helps your sales force internalize the skills they need to be more effective

  • The sure-fire antidote for reps who’ve fallen into a slump. Apply this, and they’ll start selling up a storm again

  • The reason why many reps fall into a slump

  • The best seating arrangement for training your team

  • What you need to know about eye-contact with your reps while training them

  • How to read the body language of your team so you can more effectively “reach them”

  • How to handle “know-it-alls” who knock your training

  • The 12 training don’ts

  • A surprisingly effective technique that amplifies the results of video training

  • The lost art of “Field Training” that most managers neglect, and how reviving it pushes your numbers up!

  • A role-play that demonstrates the proper way to interview recruits

  • How the “Horns & Halo” philosophy can deprive you of good recruits and fill your office with problem people (Most managers make this mistake)

  • Why you can’t use a cookie-cutter approach to motivate your team

  • The psychology of top producers and why you must treat them differently from mediocre reps

  • Why there’s nothing wrong with having reps with a strong ego

  • Why egotism is creating conflict in your office

  • How to deal with reps who’re interested in only doing minimum quota

  • How to handle the people who are dragging the office down

  • How to deal with the over-analyzers who’re too afraid to sell

  • How to deal with the cynical types who drive you nuts

  • How to handle overly negative people

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  • If you’re considering firing someone, here’s what you absolutely must be doing everyday leading up to the point of firing them

  • Motivating your salespeople – explained

  • Ideas for motivating reps that are unable to motivate themselves

  • The right way to use rewards to inspire reps to close more sales

  • How to deal with someone who’s constantly late

  • The single-biggest mistake managers make that sparks a firestorm of drama in the office

  • The best thing you can do when your company makes policy changes that most of your employees moan about

  • The #1 psychological need you must give your top producers if you want them to stick around

  • The common mistake managers make when it comes to reps who aren’t performing

  • How to praise top producers without showing favoritism

  • The keys to using incentives to inspire reps to get more contracts signed

  • Why sales contests the way most companies do them, don’t work – Tom reveals the right way to hold sales contests

  • How your sales quota system could actually be punishing top producers and favoring mediocre reps

  • Fun ideas for having an exciting series of contests that result in surpassed quotas

  • 2 role-plays that illustrate the right way to counsel reps who are slipping in their performance and dedication to the job

  • The secret, confidential black-book you must keep that’ll guarantee you retain your top producers and keep them producing monthly

  • Why you can’t wish problem people would fade way

  • Reasons why you should fire an employee

  • The best time to fire an employee

  • Steps for conducting the termination

  • 3 termination role-plays

  • How to handle a termination where the employee blows up

  • How to handle a termination where the employee argues and tries to guilt-trip you into not firing them

  • The single-most-powerful technique that inspires your salespeople to greater performance

  • Plus so much more.

Virtually everything you need to succeed as a sales manager extraordinaire is here in How to Gain, Train, and Maintain a Dynamic Sales Force!

To sum it up, you’re getting the following seven training modules …

  1. Solving the Management Puzzle
  2. Effective Recruiting Strategies
  3. Powerful Training Techniques
  4. Sales Management – The Interview
  5. Salespeople -- Knowing and Understanding Them
  6. Motivation and Counseling
  7. Handling Terminations

a one-time investment of $125.00

Your choice is simple:

You could go to college and spend four years learning theory, or you can spend an enjoyable weekend listening to this virtual MBA in street-proven sales management. Why not order it now?

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Total running time 3 hours 41 minutes
Download time 6 minutes with high speed connection.

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