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J Douglas Edwards Questions are the Answer MP3  
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Uncovers the influential selling skills that made
Tom Hopkins a success!

"Questions are the Answer"
By J. Douglas Edwards, the Father of Modern Selling
(1 of 6 sessions of Mr. Edwards' best-selling classic recording, "The Foundations of Modern Selling")

     If you're truly a student of selling, why not learn from the same man who started Tom Hopkins on his quest to become the best salesperson in the country?

     There's no place in today's business world for untrained salespeople who overwhelm their potential clients by talking. Great salespeople sell not by telling, but by asking questions. Learn how to ask your way into more sales than you could ever talk your way into!

Who is J. Douglas Edwards?
Questions are the Answer MP3 by J.D. Edwards
     J. Douglas Edwards is the man who first introduced Tom Hopkins to professional selling. He was THE sales trainer of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. He trained over 200,000 salespeople a year for over 20 years. Hired by corporations around the world, Mr. Edwards began a crusade to change the image of the stereotypical salesperson that Tom Hopkins carries forward today.

     Tom not only became an avid student, he was personally mentored by Mr. Edwards in both his sales and speaking careers. When Mr. Edwards retired, he "passed the gavel" to Tom to carry on with his basic selling skills training.

In "Questions are the Answer" you'll learn:
  • How to get your clients to start talking positively about your product or service

  • What types of questions to ask to get the results you want

  • Proven question forms for any kind of selling: products, services, ideas, (and yourself)

  • How to use statements as pre-pavers for questions

  • Absolute, sound tactics to use in your selling situations

  • A simple method for potentially doubling your orders immediately
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“Mr. Edwards’ conciseness makes it possible to stop the CD and put what he just said in my own words about my own product. The sheer quantity of information is amazing.” -Jeff Clarke
Here’s more of what’s included in the “Questions are the Answer” downloadable audio.
  • How to get your potential clients to take mental ownership of your product

  • The use of active questions that lead clients to making decisions that they’ll need to make after they own your product

  • Methods for keeping your clients focused on the matter at hand

  • Ideas for creating the ‘yes’ momentum during your sales presentations

  • Strategies to get your clients to tell you how ready they are to buy
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Here is a list of the other downloadable titles available in "The Foundations of Modern Selling" by J. Douglas Edwards.
  • The People Business
  • Ps and Qs
  • Cashing Objections
  • Closing the Sale
  • More Closes

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P.S.  This training program is normally a $47.00 value but for a limited time it is yours for $16.95 a savings of over 64%. Plus since it is in MP3 format you pay no shipping and can use it as soon as you download it. I encourage you to act soon before your competition does.

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