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Helping You Make More Sales amd Earn More Income
Achieving Sales Excellence MP3 Album  

Lots of people are in sales. But few people in sales command incomes of $100,000, $150,000 or more. Take a room of 20 people who receive sales training, and only a few will excel. Why is that?

Acheiving Sales Excellence MP3 Sales Training


The answer is simple. And it’s especially pertinent in today’s times. Some sales people put more attention towards refining, polishing and learning the finer points of salesmanship. By doing that, they gain an almost invisible advantage that let’s them out-play competing companies and allows them to retain the title of top producer in their respective organizations.


If having this edge in selling is important to you, then you'll absolutely love Tom's program, Achieving Sales Excellence. You get 5 hours and 51 minutes of Sales Training gold on 6 CD program that includes a 36-page PDF workbook. Tom teaches the finer points of selling and how to achieve true excellence. It's like having a famed boxer teach you the finer points of how to throw a wicked left hook.

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You’ll discover:


  • Why seeing yourself as a "salesperson" during a presentation will actually cost you business!


  • The finer points of asking sales questions such as “tie-downs”, “yes and no questions”, “alternate advance questions,” the “porcupine” and more


  • How to listen between the lines to your potential buyers and discover what they’re really thinking!


  • 6 ways of reaching pools of buyers and exactly how to go about doing it


  • How to take incoming calls and make outgoing calls like a seasoned pro


  • The 7 things top producers know about playing phone tag and winning at it


  • 10 fears the potential client has about buying from you and what you must do to turn that fear into enthusiastic trust and interest


  • 19 taboo words that incite people to tell you “No”


  • The 9 things top producers know about developing irresistible rapport


  • A powerful phrase that when spoken, puts nervous buyers at ease


  • The tested and proven N.E.A.D.S. qualification formula that induces people to unknowngly tell you how to close them


  • Strategy and specific phraseology of Tom’s acclaimed “Triplicate of Choice” technique, which increases your probability of closing the sale


  • How to sell to purchasing agents -- 9 things you must know


  • 4 things that make you come across as the consummate professional


  • Where to have decision-makers sit during a sales presentation


  • 3 things that absolutely must come through with crystal clear clarity during your sales presentation


  • 6 finer points on handling objections (concerns) like a 20-year top-producing veteran


  • The proper way to “Sharp Angle” areas of concern with buyers


  • A 19-word phrase that works like magic to handle, “It costs too much.”


  • Tom’s proven method for overcoming, "We can get it cheaper somewhere else"


  • The absolute best time to consummate the sale


  • 5 body language cues and 3 verbal cues that shout – “Yes, I want it!”


  • A power close strategy that turns “I want to think it over” into money in your pocket

  • How to use the “Oblique Comparison” technique to shut down money concerns


  • How to use the “Scale Approach” to close people who only want facts and don’t respond to emotional appeals


  • The shocking reason why 68% of your clients will never buy from you again


  • You’ll also get the finer points of building an impressive career, how to increase order size and repeat orders, plus so much more!

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" I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Learning to view "No's" on a different fashion has changed my career, life and soul. Now, I just shift gears, use my sense of humor, give more information and continue being persisent....and then MIRACLES happen! As a single mom working commision sales....thank you.- "
-- Belinda Woodbury , Facebook

This exclusive program gives you the tools you need to put 30 years worth of experience into your selling game in just a few hours of enjoyable listening. If you’re already good, then be prepared to become extraordinary. The Achieving Sales Excellence MP3 series is yours for just $125.00. Order now. Your order is processed on a PayPal 128-bit digitally encrypted 100% secure server.


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