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Helping You Make More Sales amd Earn More Income
Academy of Master Closing MP3 Series  

Here’s the secret to putting more cash in your bank account


Introducing the Master Closer’s Collection of Time-Proven Closes that Give You More Ways to Make Potential Clients Say, “Yes!” Than They Have to Say, “No”!


(Don’t read this unless you’re able to handle a lifestyle with

more prestige and a lot more money.)
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Take any two salespeople from the same company. Even if both are nearly identical in training, motivation and initiative, it can almost always be predicted which one will sell more and make more money. How?


All things nearly equal, the salesperson who knows more closes, is better skilled at delivering them, knows how to read buying signs and knows when to deliver them – wins the business virtually every time. Period.


Tom Hopkins Kick-Started

His Sensational Selling Career by

Learning 60 Power Closes in 1 Week!


As you can imagine, no matter what stubborn, elusive, or jaded buyers Tom was up against, he had a “tool” perfect for turning “No” into money in his pocket. Now, I’m not claiming you need to know an encyclopedia of 60 power closes, but what if you knew 7 more than the other reps in your industry?


That’s 7 more ways of turning sales meetings into sales revenue that you didn’t know before. And guess what, those newfound sales translate into repeat business and referrals!


But – imagine what would happen to your career or business if you knew 10 … or 20 more proven closes than everyone else in your industry?


The secret is to have a collection of scintillating closes for every situation that are time-proven to work like gangbusters. As a valued Tom Hopkins client, I know you see the value in this and I know you like to win. That’s what separates you from the also-rans.


Presenting The Academy of Master Closing. This is a sales training program presented before a LIVE interactive audience. This program will build your closing repertoire like nothing else.

Own it Now


It’s Like Getting an MBA in Closing Skills!


In this singular program, you’ll have the distinction of discovering a treasure chest of …


n  10 sales destroyers that cripple your chances of making it big in this fabulous career


n  The 6 secret communication tools of the greatest closers


n  5 reasons why people don’t buy


n  5 reasons why people do buy (It’s uncanny, push the right buttons and people light up!)


n  How to “mind-hack” the 9 personality types of potential clients and win their business


n  Why rapport building is more than just something you do at the start of the meeting


n  Cut these 20 psycho-phobic words from your sales presentations because they’re killing your chances … and replace them with these 20 psycho-euphoric words


n  6 types of selling questions you should be asking to shift the odds of winning the account in your favor


n  The sneaky art of “The Accumulative Benefit Summation.” It’s so powerful, it’s like playing poker with aces hidden up your sleeve!


n  In a conference room … how well the room is lit, the shape of the table, the colors in the room and more affect how you should deliver your sales presentation. Here are insider tips that no one else teaches!


n  Tom’s “U of A Form” that outlines how you should tailor your sales presentation for maximum effect


n  13 body language secrets that let you read your potential client like an open book


n  The “Sharp Angle Objection Handler” technique that shreds objections like a run away lawn mower


n  5 closing distractions that sap energy from the close and 5 things you can do about it!


n  The 12 basic power closes which include the famed Benjamin Franklin Close, the “I’ll Think it Over” Close, and the “Puppy Dog Close”


n  Plus discover 20 advanced power closes, which include: The Buyer’s Remorse Close, The Envelope Close, The "It’s Not in the Budget Close" and more! (Once you’ve learned these, you’ll be in the top 10% category of sales professionals!)


n  4 steps to creating add on sales (This shrewd selling tactic works like McDonald’s “Would you like fries with that?” Apply it and watch your income take off like a bottle rocket


n  9 things you need to know about handling phone tag so you can pin down even the most elusive buyers

n  Plus more! In short everything that leads up to the close, when to close, how to deliver the close with impact, and the actual word-for word closes are included in this comprehensive training program!


"I wanted to thank you for the knowledge and the skills that I have gained from you. I have been listening to your tapes and cd's for over six years, but recently got really focused and implemented as much as I possibly can, I am going thru the "How to master the art of selling anything" and " Academy of Master Closing" for the sixth time right now and love it. Since I got involved in the programs about three months ago, I went from making $3000 a month to $7500 this month. I received so much motivation from you that I have started my own corporation. THANK YOU." ~Roman Ogourtsov




Listen – this is revolutionary information that separates those who earn $75,000 a year in sales from those who earn double, $150,000. Or dare I say even $200,000+ a year. That said you might be surprised to learn that you can try the Academy of Master Closing for just $225.00. It’s worth every penny.

I’m confident you’ll agree once you check out the first sales training session in your series. The entire program consists of 24 power-packed MP3 sessions and a printer-friendly digital student manual.



If you’ve got your heart set on being the top producer in your company, or being promoted to sales manager, or vice president of sales or building a multi-million dollar business, then the Academy of Master Closing is perfect for you. Don’t delay another moment order now.


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