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Back to the Future in Sales MP3 Series  
Back to the Future MP3 download

Who is the man that turned a young struggling real estate agent named Tom Hopkins into a millionaire by age 27? It was sales legend J. Douglas Edwards. He’s known as the father of modern American selling.


He was the go-to authority on the profession of selling during the 1950’s, the 1960’s and the ‘70’s. Over 200,000 salespeople were trained by him. In corporate boardrooms, it was the name J. Douglas Edwards that was spoken of in respected tones because his selling techniques worked like gang-busters to fatten the bottom-line.


Before Mr. Edwards made his debut as the icon of modern American selling, salesmanship was a dog and pony show. A game of fast-talking, and pressure, pressure, and more pressure! But Mr. Douglas cleaned up selling, expunged faulty techniques and companies and salespeople’s careers blossomed as a result.


In MP3 sales training series titled Back to the Future in Sales, Tom Hopkins and J. Douglas Edwards teach the original, complete system that Mr. Edwards taught. Doug teaches. Tom interjects examples and information that makes Doug’s training relevant to today’s marketplace. It’s an entertaining, educational and exciting series you’ll listen to again and again!


So take a ride back into history, and hear the power-house sales teaching of sales legend J. Douglas Edwards just as if you were a sales professional back then. His advice sparkles like diamonds even today and is amply applied to penetrate accounts, and out-ace competitor sales teams. Meet the legend who trained Tom Hopkins.


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Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover:


  • Why you’re not really selling a product or service


  • The psychology of buying explained!


  • How to tap into the values of your buyer and close more accounts


  • A questioning technique that stirs up the buying emotions of potential clients


  • The Best Things in Life close, word-for-word


  • 15 examples of tie-down questions


  • A question technique that buries objections with benefits


  • How to use “Switch-off” questions to dissolve objections


  • 6 examples of “Control phrases” to direct the conversation


  • The classic 5-card referral system for filling your pipeline with warm leads


  • How to avoid giving presentations to people who aren’t qualified to buy


  • Words that trigger stalls and objections and words that motivate


  • How to handle “It costs too much”


  • The formula for handling objections during a presentation


  • How to make an expensive product seem affordable


  • How to handle, “I’m happy with my current product/supplier”


  • 3 neutralization sentences that melt buyer negativity


  • How to know when to close the sale


  • 23 sales closes


  • The biggest secret of closing


  • How to use what’s called “defensive persuasion” to get people to approve the paperwork


  • Plus so much more! You’re getting a complete A to Z selling system that decisively gives you the edge!


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Running time 4 hours, 12 minutes, 39 seconds

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