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Helping You Make More Sales amd Earn More Income
Low Profile Selling MP3 Series  

Cuts through sales resistance like a hot knife through butter and
pumps cash into your bank account!


“Tom’s Low Profile Selling System Let’s You Fly Below the Radar to Close 200X, Even 300X More Sales!”


It’s selling without looking like you’re selling.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could shorten your sales cycle … and cut through sales resistance and win more sales than ever? You bet it would!


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Many of the people you’re selling to are immune to many of the sales techniques currently taught. Prospects stall, play head-games, and lead you on to get rock bottom prices or to get rid of you.


Constant resistance and rejection takes its toll on your career and may make you wonder if you’re truly cut out for this profession. Yet, sales is the highest paid and potentially most rewarding profession you can get into.


But who wants to clash with buyers day after day, week after week just to pick up a few sales here and there? Nobody! That’s why it doesn’t make sense to come at your potential clients’ head on to sell to them. Everybody does that!


Instead, you want to come in through the back door and sell up a storm and have a blast counting your ever-increasing revenues. How do you do that?


First -- change your thinking about conventional sales. Your approach, your words and your actions must be different. You want to reframe yourself, not as a salesperson, but as someone who plays an advisor role.


True – this isn’t exactly anything new. Except for one thing.


You’ve probably heard of consultative selling--acting like a consultant instead of a fast-talking, hard-closing salesperson. But the problem is this approach lacks teeth! You’re stuck in the friend zone and that means more sales than you realize are slipping away … leaving you empty-handed!


Now there’s a better approach to clinching all the sweet sales and income you could ever desire.


And there’s probably no one more qualified to teach it to you than Tom Hopkins -- the trainer of sales champions. Tom has written the book on how to sell without coming across as a bombastic or pushy.


Presenting Low Profile Selling: Act Like a Lamb, Sell Like a Lion.


Put this exciting MP3 program in your hands and you get over 4 hours of sales training packed with dynamite selling secrets! That’s 30 years worth of time- proven wisdom on every page. Just one of these techniques can make a big difference in your next presentation.


And if you think you’ve seen it all before, think again, because once you crack open this book, I think you’ll agree these aren’t your ordinary “sales secrets.” That’s because Tom’s revolutionary system was perfected and fine-tuned over 30 years in a wide variety of industries.


Own it Now

As you’ll soon see, these secrets give you an unfair advantage that let’s you run circles around the competition. Using these step-by-step techniques you’ll be armed to the teeth with cutting-edge sales tactics that work like magic to slide past sales resistance.


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In the

Low Profile Selling

System You’ll Discover:


  • Why coming across as salesperson kills your chances of winning a sale … and what is proven to work like gangbusters instead!


  • 5 things consumers of this decade are expecting from you when you interact with them


  • How to see into the mind of a buyer and frame your sales presentation so it’ll go down like sugar-coated cough syrup


  • 17 words you should never say to a potential client that destroy your chances of closing the sale … yet 90% of salespeople make this mistake!


  • How to pack your sales presentation with words that act like smart-bombs to excite your buyer into saying, “Yes”


  • The astonishing result of a UCLA study that revealed the single-biggest reason why most people will never buy from a salesperson


  • A clever business-card technique that beckons people to want to do business with you


  • 3 powerful, yet easy-to-use rapport-building techniques that relax potential clients and make them open up to you


  • How to load up your sales presentation with emotion to drive them into wild excitement over your product or service


  • How to analyze different personality types of buyers so you can tailor your approach to better resonate with them


  • How to conduct a “buyer interview” so you can learn the buying strategies of each potential client


  • Techniques for intensifying buying desire


  • How to zap sales-stopping concerns (objections) before they raise their ugly heads


  • How to smoke out hidden areas of concern


  • 3 types of time-proven questions to ask to gauge whether or not a buyer will approve the paperwork and own your product

  • How to de-code the client’s body language so you can make selling a piece of cake


  • How to develop a “selling voice” that compels people to comply


  • 6 stealth ways to vaporize the buyer’s loyalty to the competition


  • 8 all-purpose sales closes that work like magic to turn you into a sales superstar


  • 4 steps for fattening your fees from a single sale!


  • 10 pre-written “Thank You” notes that lock in customer loyalty and win future sales


  • Plus much, much more!


Amazing Things Happen When You

Use Tom’s Explosive Selling Secrets!


“I attribute earning well in excess of 7 figures annually and becoming financially independent to Tom Hopkins’s techniques and material. Anyone serious about their career in the people business should become a student of Tom’s.” – Hector M. La Marque, Primerica Financial Services


"I was a field rep for two years and then started a direct sales company. Long story short, we grossed just under 20 million in door to door sales a year. There is no one better at teaching sales than Tom." -- Rob Juliano


"Your sales techniques have turned my closed sales around from 10% to 75%. I only purchased the CDs a month ago but started using them immediately." -- Paul Roadley

Own it Now


Imagine blasting through sales resistance like a runaway truck going through roadblocks and winning more sales than you do now. Tom shows you how!


After you listen to this incredible live seminar presentation you will be a different person than you were before.


If you were paying the usual fee to attend a LIVE Tom Hopkins event, where these selling secrets are taught, your investment would be significant – and truly worth every penny many times over. (By the way, many people have happily invested $1,395 per person for our 3-Day Boot Camp plus travel expenses to attend.)


But the good news is, Tom put these powerful secrets in a live, one-day seminar program titled, Low Profile Selling. The seminar was recorded and made available in this MP3 series, plus a printer-friendly workbook. It will be as if you’re right there in the room with Tom. And it’s yours to own for just $115.00.


It’s that simple. However, I'm confident once you dive in, and see these never-before-publicly-disclosed techniques, you’ll absolutely never want to part with these sales training MP3s. It’s like finding a prized diamond.


What to do next?

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Don’t delay another moment – energize your selling skills and make more money than ever before by getting this MP3 Sales Training Series!

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