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Balance Your Life MP3 Series  

In hot pursuit of career and financial success Tom Hopkins discovered a painful lesson. While attaining stratospheric success in selling, and watching his bank account balloon, other areas of his life suffered neglect.


Balance Your Life MP3 Download

Soon the troubles in the other areas of his life overshadowed the career success he enjoyed. So Tom took inventory of his life and realized his life was out of balance. He discovered his goal shouldn’t just be wealth accumulation, but total life success. And that’s what this MP3 program; Balance Your Life is all about.


Tom sees total life success as four legs of a stool. Each leg represents an area to keep in balance with the other three legs of the stool. Those areas are one’s finances, health, emotional/relationships, and spiritual needs. In this life-changing 2 hour and 53 minute MP3 program, you’ll discover:

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  • The emotional thermometer test psychologists use to determine how happy a person really is


  • The three-part life cycle that every human being must realize will happen to him or her throughout their life


  • How to cope with the realities of life


  • How to avoid having your emotional balance destroyed by rejection and disappointment


  • How a business leader Tom respected shared four spiritual laws with him that helped Tom find spiritual fulfillment (a Christian message)


  • How to uncover your areas of weakness so you can strengthen them


  • How to use “self-emotional surgery” to clean out emotional handicaps that hold you back


  • Stress-reduction techniques for sales pros!


  • The two “life fuels” you need in order to become an extraordinary salesperson


  • How to prevent you and your family from emotionally and physically “crashing” by dinner time


  • How to alleviate the sting of rejection and become immune to it


  • How to get over your fear of talking to strangers


  • The little-known challenge that causes intense turmoil that often happens after a person achieves meteoric success


  • How to get over the procrastination addiction and leap ahead of colleagues and competitors in sales and productivity


  • The amount of time it takes to de-program habits and develop new disciplines and habits


  • The master key to attaining your goals even if you’ve failed in the past


  • One of the single most important keys you must know to rise to the top as a CEO, manager, top-producing sales pro or as a business leader


  • How to handle appointment cancellations and delays and alleviate the blood-pressuring spiking stress and frustration that can come with it


  • How to handle clients who keep delaying meetings


  • How to handle the stress of schedule conflicts and “too much to do!”


  • How to overcome the life-sapping force of negativity so it won’t be your downfall


  • How to prevent and erase scars on your subconscious mind that hold you back in life


  • A classy way to disarm frustrated, even angry clients and potential clients


  • What Tom believes are the foundations for spiritual development


  • What constitutes true happiness and success


  • How to understand your purpose in life


  • The mistakes people make in trying to become happy


  • The story of a young man who was obsessed with owning a BMW and how it taught him a rewarding lesson on what true happiness really means

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  • The one true treasure in life that most people overlook and only recognize until it’s too late


  • Where money really fits into the big picture of life


  • Why it’s absolutely critical you start a physical fitness program – Tom gives his recommendations for the busy professional


  • The two most important parts to any complete health improvement program  


  • How to use “self-instructions” to shape your mental and physical results


  • How to become better at remembering people’s names or anything for that matter -- and have a quicker memory for recalling facts


  • How Tom Hopkins became a non-smoker


  • How to build an unlimited fountain of energy to power you through the day


  • The best kind of exercise you can do if you haven’t worked out in a while


  • The best exercise schedule you can have that’ll prevent you from losing the gains you’ve made from previous exercise sessions


  • Why you should never sit still or be motionless for too long


  • The power nap secret that re-charges your batteries for more productivity


  • The two ideal times for a sales rep or business owner to exercise


  • The ultimate exercise activity to adequately work out your heart and strengthen it


  • How to organize your day for work, family, and health


  • Why much of your fitness program should be focused on developing endurance


  • How to reduce the wear and tear of your heart muscle


  • A fun activity commonly referred to as “internal jogging” that does wonders for your heart and immunity. It also alleviates pain


  • The story of how a 5’3”, 300 lb woman lost 165 lbs in two years


  • How to realistically lose weight without “going hungry”


  • 3 common foods that run our bodies down and why you should avoid them


  • The common health habits of many of the most successful people


  • Two behaviors that shorten life-spans


  • How to de-program yourself of negative beliefs about money


  • Tips on reaching your retirement goals


  • Three iron-clad rules for managing your money


  • The master key to increasing your income no matter what industry you may be in and no it’s not necessarily working more


  • How to understand the rule of 72 when it comes to investing


  • Risky investment ventures that you must be aware of

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