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How to Make Your Dreams Come True MP3 Download  
Make Your Dreams Come True Goal Setting and Motivation Acclaimed by parents because of its easy-to-understand lessons and catchy songs, this entertaining audio series delivers a powerful punch to today’s youths. Special overview and color-coded goal setting sheets instruct children in key elements of their lives. Kids learn how to avoid peer pressure, bad habits and procrastination while reinforcing healthy self-images and developing the self-discipline required to do well in life. You’ve already given your children a great start. Let Tom Hopkins reaffirm those positive habits for life.

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"I attended your one day seminar several months ago and purchased your entire package which I believe cost me somewhere around $400+. Faithfully I have listened to them, over and over again. I also purchased your CD's for children. They now ask me to listen to the "Wish CD." I find it truly amazing as they sing along with you and ask me questions like, "Daddy? What does enthusiasm mean? What does success mean?" They are 5 and 7 years old and I'm discussing with them what success means and how they determine their own success. I am thankful to you for that."

Patrick Forrester

15 training sessions, plus printer friendly disk for you goal setting sheets, certificates, and song books.

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