Imagine What Would Happen to Your Sales & Income If You Attended a
Tom Hopkins Custom Training Seminar Exclusively for Primerica

Your business only grows as fast as you do. In order to enhance your abilities to influence and persuade others to say "yes" to you more often, invest time to sharpen your skills.

Tom Hopkins' 2-Day Primerica Sales & Recruiting Academy is designed to give you the tools you need to:
1.) Do a better job of finding new recruits,
2.) Present your products in a more engaging manner and
3.) Help you make more sales.

Tom Hopkins Sales Primerica event Toronto Canada September 29 and 30, 2018

Troy and Shannon Girard Primerica Financial Services When I started Primerica I was a long haul truck driver that went truck driving so I wouldn't have to deal with people. Then I joined a “people business” and I had to learn people skills and how to move people fast. Going to Tom Hopkins’ training gave me the confidence to ask questions and to not be afraid of asking for their business. 25 years later I still use what I was taught every day. I am very excited to go back for a refresher course. Tom understands our business and this training is made just for Primerica..
Troy & Shannon Girard SVP
Primerica Financial Services
Sales Traininer Tom Hopkins

For over 23 years, it has been a highlight of Tom’s life to help many Primerica representatives achieve their $100K rings, RVP designations, and attain the status of greatness in Primerica.

"I attribute earning well in excess of 7 figures annually and becoming financially independent to Tom Hopkins’s techniques and material. Anyone serious about their career in the people business should become a student of Tom’s."
-Hector M. La Marque,
Primerica Financial Services

This 2-day program is designed for true students. This is not fun and games, but 48 hours of total immersion in strategies and tactics that have been proven to get results. Come prepared to study, compete, role play, and re-design your presentation.


"If you're serious about becoming a master communicator in all areas of your life, especially at moving people to action, Tom's training is absolutely essential!"
James L. Ney,
Primerica Financial Services

Registration is now open for Tom Hopkins
2-Day Sales and Recruiting Academy at
Marriott Toronto Airport
901 Dixon Rd
Toronto, ON M9W 1J5, Canada
September 29 & 30, 2018
9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day

Special limited time $195.00 (US Dollars) tuition rate
Tom Hopkins Sales Primerica event Toronto Canada September 29 and 30, 2018
Tuition at door $215.00 (USD)

First 50 registrants get a CD copy of "7 Steps to Selling Primerica" at event

Hotel room reservation is NOT INCLUDED with your registration.

Tom Hopkins Sales and Recruiting 2-Day Academy

  • 2 days of training with master sales trainer, Tom Hopkins
  • A comprehensive, student manual with all of the strategies and tactics you will learn at the program

You will learn:

  • The qualities and characteristics you need to develop in order to be prepared to achieve RVP status
  • Strategies for addressing and overcoming the inevitable rejections you'll face as you serve clients and build your business
  • What really turns you on about this business and how to use that as a constant motivator
  • Methods for overcoming fear - yours and those of your clients (they're a normal part of this business...until you become educated)
  • The simplest and fastest way to qualify potential clients and potential recruits
  • How to deliver a truly dynamic presentation
  • What to say when you hear, "I'm happy with my current current insurance current situation."
  • Exact words and phrases to use that have been proven to work by your top RVPs
  • And more, more, more!

To inquire about booking Tom contact Laura Oien at 480-949-1299 or
by e-mail at or submit the interest from below

Cancellation and Refunds:

  • All cancellations are subject to a $30 non-refundable registration fee.
  • T.H.I. must receive your written cancellation within 10 business days of registering.
  • No refunds will be allowed 10 business days after registering for this event
  • One ticket transfer allowed at no charge

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