Tom Hopkins Sales Academy 2 Day Sales Training

"It has been unbelievable since our team stopped using the nasty words. All our people are on fire because of what we learned at Sales Academy Las Vegas. I am looking to bring an even larger team with us the next time."
Sergio Alvarez
AllStar Plumbing

Next Sales Academy finalized.

Sales Academy Los Angeles – 2018
March 2 & 3, 2018
9AM to 4PM each day
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Because of international and private corporate commitments this is
Tom's only public event scheduled for California in 2018

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Improve your skills at qualifying buyers and stop wasting time with non-buyers!

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"After I attended a Tom Hopkins 2 day boot camp, I earned an all expenses trip to Hawaii by achieving 145% of my sales goal for the year in the telecom industry."
Timothy Cline

"Our Goal is your Success"

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Tom Hopkins continuing education for Financial Services Professionals

Tom Hopkins' 2-Day Sales Academy is designed to give you the tools you need to:
1.) Do a better job of finding new business
2.) Present your products in a more engaging manner and
3.) Help you make more sales.

Nearly 4,000 sales professionals have attended Tom Hopkins’ 2-Day Sales Academy since Tom started offering it. Past attendees of Tom's multi-day events have gone on to increase their closing ratios by 200%, 300% and more while increasing their incomes dramatically

You will learn:

  • The real secret to successful selling and the development of long-term relationships
  • 4 types of powerful sales questioning techniques that fish out the secret desires of your buyers
  • Prospecting strategies that will bring you more business than ever before
  • How to stop playing phone tag and start confirming meetings
  • 3 things you must do when you first meet potential clients to win them over
  • The exact words you should say to segue from first meeting someone into smoothly starting your presentation
  • How to slip past typical buyer defense barriers
  • The best opening lines to use in your presentations
  • How to use and win with assumptive closing strategies
  • Plus Tom will be teaching negotiation strategies from his new book, "When Buyers Say No"
  • Gain tremendous, long-term benefits.
  • Prioritize and focus your selling mind.
  • Lead with powerful, sales impacting actions.

Tom Hopkins Sales Academy
Venue to be announced soon
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Training takes place over 2 days

What Past Attendees Want You to Know

I truly enjoyed the experience…in fact, I used quite a bit of the material this morning to schedule a visit with the CFO of a large company. She hadn't returned my calls in the past... she couldn't resist the voice mail I left and called me back within the hour!
--Pam Avooske, Acordia of California

My first week back after your Sales Academy training I had information overload. Once I settled down and began to really dissect the information and make it mine, my closing rate went up. I am currently running 85% warranty penetration. It's up 10%.
--Pierre Evans

After the seminar I used a lot of what I learned in my sales presentations and it really helped. I don't negotiate anymore. Price is no longer an issue. People now really perceive the value of what I do and this closes the sale!
--Laurent Beretta

In this economy the one thing every single business should be focusing on is how to increase their sales performance. To do this you need the right tools and Tom Hopkins has those tools. The investment will pay untold dividends for your business and your career!
--Andrew Wood

Tom, I have been following your teachings for a long time, went from a truck driver to #1 ranked rep, by listening to audios, reading books and going to seminars. Thank you.
--Scott Miller

"My wife says I'm different since Sales Academy. She can't identify how but says it often. My closing percentage has gone from 35% to 80%. My sales numbers went from $25,000 in August to $50,600 in September. My first $50,000 month ever. My first $20,000 week ever."
John Morgan
Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants

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