Tom Hopkins Webinar July 14, 2015
Attention: Sales Professionals interested in furthering their career in sales !
Attend a powerful sales training webinar with Tom Hopkins,
the Builder of Sales Champions

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Are you looking for ideas for finding new client leads?

How about strategies for helping people to like you, trust you and want to take your advice?

Want to just be more comfortable with the whole process of finding new business?

You've come to the right place!

Master sales trainer, Tom Hopkins brings you the secrets to
creating success in your career..

    During this webinar training session, you will learn:
  • What objections or concerns really are
  • How to determine when concerns are valid vs when they're just stalls
  • A 6-step formula for addressing every concern you'll ever hear
  • Proven phraseology to overcome the most common concerns buyers express
  • And so much more

This event will fill to capacity. Don't miss this opportunity!
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Tom Hopkins has over 40 years of experience in selling, developing teams, and growing companies. You'll be given actionable strategies you can apply to your very next client contact!

Tom Hopkins Sales Training Webinar Series Tom Hopkins has been training sales professionals since 1974. Tom understands what it's like sitting across the desk or kitchen table from people who are fearful, hesitant, and downright convinced your product isn't right for them. He also knows how to speak so those tough clients will not only listen, but make a commitment to a better path to financial independence - through your professional help.

Tom is has personally trained over 5 million sales professionals on five continents. He is the author of "How to Master the Art of Selling" and "When Buyers Say No" as well as sixteen other books on selling and success. He has a lifetime of knowledge about the nuances of selling and will be sharing more of it than you can imagine during this 35-minute webinar.

Register now. Mark your calendar. Be prepared to take plenty of notes on Tuesday, July 14th at 4PM Pacific. You won't regret investing your valuable time on this webinar.

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