Closing Strategies, “Not in budget”

When you are working with purchasing agents or heads of households, they will often try to stall you or dismiss you by saying the purchase of your product just isn’t in their budget. For some, it can become reflexive to say that. Rather than let the impersonal budget stand between you and a potential sale, get them to admit who is in charge of the budget. Then, sell the value of your offering over the value of sticking to something that was created before they even knew your benefits were available. 

It might sound something like this:

“I can understand that, Jim. That’s why I contacted you in the first place. I’m fully aware of the fact that every well-managed business controls the flow of its money with a carefully planned budget. The budget is a necessary tool for every company to give direction to their goals. However, the tool itself doesn’t dictate how the company is run. It must be flexible. You, as the controller of that budget, retain for yourself the right to flex that budget in the best interest of the company’s financial present and competitive future, don’t you?

What we have been examining here today is a system, which will allow your company an immediate and continuing competitive edge. Tell me, under these conditions, will your budget flex, or will it dictate your actions?”





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