The Inflation Close

As much as we all hate the idea of entering a period of inflation, indicators are showing that there is very likely going to be one in the not-too-distant future. I don’t want you to be caught by surprise or to wonder how to make sales during an inflationary time. The recent Great Recession has been tough enough. Let’s be well-prepared to sell during the projected upcoming inflationary times.

The Inflation Close is used to help people rationalize parting with their money for something that either earns a greater return than the inflation rate (such as certain investments) or to improve their lifestyle with products and services whose investments are likely to increase.

Here is how it goes: “John, the most critical decisions we have to make today are money decisions, aren’t they? We no longer have the luxury of deciding between three factors — shall I save, spend, or invest it? Today, because of the pending inflation, we can no longer afford to just ‘save it’ and I’m sure you know why, don’t you? Every time Washington decides to roll those money presses, every dollar we have saved is worth less than it was when we earned it, isn’t it?

Today, we must make whatever money we have left after meeting our basic expenses, do something positive for us. And isn’t it true that we really only have two choices? We can find an investment which will actually show us a return greater than the inflation rate. Or, we can improve our standard of living.

Now, we have discovered that you really want (list the benefits of your product or service). Wouldn’t you be wise to make the investment now, rather than paying more for it later or not having it at all at a later date in time because you feel it just costs too much?”

For my students in financial services, you may want to try this as the last sentence of that close: “Don’t you think it just makes sense to have your money start earning higher rates of return now rather than waiting?”

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