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The Time Trap Close works best with larger ticket items such as retirement plans, or long-term investments. Your goal with it is to get people to admit they need to take action today to ensure the future of their dreams.

People are funny. That’s because we’re emotional beings. We have big dreams for our futures whether that future is the coming weekend or retirement in 25 years. We envision grand adventures, but few of us invest the time and effort required to make those grand plans a reality. Granted, it’s easier to make things happen for a weekend of fun or entertainment just because of our enthusiasm. It’s a bit harder to get and stay enthusiastic about something that may not happen until a much later stage of life.

Use the following words to help people gain perspective on the need to plan and act today in order to have the tomorrow’s of their dreams.

“John, over 90% of the people in our country aren’t comfortable with their situations when retirement comes along. The biggest reason for this is what I call the “Time Trap.” You are currently ___ years old. What do you feel you’ll be doing ___ years from now?”

Listen. Many people just aren’t sure. Encourage them to elaborate. Help them to paint that picture of the future.

“I hope that’ll be your situation, and now is the time to take steps to make that a reality. I know that the future seems far away now, but consider what you were doing 20 years ago. When you look back, events seem like they happened just yesterday, don’t they? Time has a way of looking like a wide expanse into the future. Yet, it compresses as we look into the past. We want to make sure that in ___ years you’re not looking back saying, “where has the time gone” and not be at a comfortable place to enjoy your golden years. Let’s see what we can begin doing today to ensure the future as you’re envisioning it now.”

Breaking any goal down into manageable steps makes those steps easy to commit to.

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