Stop Setting Goals for Number of Calls!

prospecting goals for number of callsWhen setting calling goals, stop setting goals for the number of calls you’ll make when prospecting! If you write down this as a goal: “I will make fifteen prospecting calls starting at nine tomorrow morning,” you can make all fifteen of those calls and have nothing.

Instead, set success goals: “Tomorrow at nine I will start telephone prospecting, and I will continue prospecting until I have three confirmed meetings to demonstrate my product to people I believe can and should own it.” Set a reasonable success goal and then do it. Stop for meals, go home nights, but keep prospecting until you achieve your success goal.

Remember that before you start calling, you must have an effective call formula and a good list of names and phone numbers. Your chances of success are no better than your formula and your list. If you’re not getting encouragement after ten calls, pause, look at your list and formula, and consider making changes. Encouragement is defined as getting confirmed meetings or visits, asked to call back later, or given names of people to call who might be interested.

Don’t let a few profitless calls discourage you. That is, don’t let a few strangers—grouches you don’t even want to know—cause you to walk away from success. Accept that you’ll reach a few people who’ll be less than delighted to hear from you. Be professional when you prospect—which means that you:

  1. have a legitimate offer that you’re knowledgeable about
  2. call only those numbers that are not on the Do Not Call Registry
  3. call during reasonable hours
  4. are unfailingly polite
  5. bring any unfavorable call to a quick and courteous close, and
  6. put any unproductive conversation out of your mind and immediately make another call.

The last point is vital. In organizing your prospecting routine, set yourself up to chop off the negatives fast. Don’t allow time for them to nag your enthusiasm away. Instead of singing sad songs for a spell after a washout call, give your head just one quick shake and immediately dial another potential client’s number. Follow these steps and discover how easily and effectively you’ll prospect, and at how fast your prospecting sessions will go.

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