After buyers say no

There can be an awkward moment when buyers say no after you’ve asked your closing question. The sales process has been sailing along smoothly with you asking good questions and the buyers giving good answers. Based on their answers, you’ve guided them to just the right product for their needs. Their no feels like you’ve just run into a stop sign that was planted in the middle of the road.

Several things may have just happened:

  • You may feel a bit blindsided by their no (Hopefully not if you’re well-trained).
  • You just asked them for their money, which represents security for most people. In their minds you may have just switched from being helpful to becoming a determined opponent trying to win their money right out of their pockets.
  • Or, you could have been ever-so-nice, but they weren’t ready (for whatever reason) to go ahead and they feel bad about saying no.

You need to alter the negatively-charged mood created by their no as quickly as possible. Their resistance is raised in expectation of you becoming more stereotypical–more aggressive as a salesperson.

Average salespeople will hang their heads, thank the buyers for their time and ask if they can stay in touch (even though they know they won’t). Well-trained pros assure buyers that their no didn’t make the salesperson stop wanting to help them. They re-establish rapport.

It’s as important to re-establish rapport after hearing a no as it was to establish it early in the sales process. And, it only takes a fraction of the time it did in the beginning. You can simply say, “I see.” “That’s a great point.” or “I understand that you’re hesitant.” By acknowledging their no, you communicate that it’s all right that your buyer didn’t say yes right away. The buyer will relax and you can keep the sale moving forward by moving on to the next step of reviewing their needs to determine what might have been missed on the first go-around.

When Buyers Say NoMore to come as I start posting content from my latest book, co-authored with Ben Katt, When Buyers Say No, publishing April 1, 2014.

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