I learned 3 things last weekend

Life is a learning experience, isn’t it? Even though I’ve been teaching and training others for 40 years, I learned three things last weekend. This time last week my staff and I were traveling from Phoenix to Las Vegas for our first-ever 2-day Sales Academy. It was held at The Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel–right on the strip. We had mixed feelings about how well people would study with all the distractions, but also felt that having the program in a fun, destination would be a nice reward for them after all their hard work.

  1. Today’s young people are serious about training. The demographic of our audience was younger than usual. And they were not attached to their phones. They were active listeners and participants in the training. They were excited to be there and networked like pros. Their spirit was invigorating and made me optimistic about the world’s perception of the profession of selling in the future.
  2. The F-words apply to all types of situations. No matter how well you prepare for an event (or a sales presentation) something is likely to happen to take you off track or to impact your timing. The more details you add to your plans, the more likely one or more of them will cause challenges. So you must remain Flexible and be prepared to adjust your plans to something different that is Feasible.
  3. No matter your job level, you can provide extra-ordinary service, thus making a difference in someone’s life. The staff at the hotel was phenomenal! It was almost eerie how they anticipated our needs and cared for our attendees as much as we did. Even the folks who serviced the water stations and cleaned up the room during breaks had huge smiles for everyone. Sweaters and jackets left behind were neatly folded or gently draped over chairs. Their 1st class level of service made each of our guests feel important. And isn’t that what selling is really all about?

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