Selling Real Estate When They Want to See More Homes

It’s bound to happen. You’ll have buyers who are so afraid of making a bad decision that they’ll want to see every home that comes close to meeting their criteria. If you don’t know how to handle this concern, you’ll waste hours of your time and theirs. As a real estate professional, you need to know how to control the sale. You do this by understanding their fears, having empathy for them, and being the expert advisor. Once they learn to rely on your advice, those fears about missing out on the perfect home will dissipate greatly.

Here’s how to handle the stall of “I don’t feel we’ve seen enough homes yet.”

You will almost always hear this objection when you have found the right home. The buyers start second-guessing how they’re feeling about it. It’s all happening too fast for them. They probably expected to have to see a dozen homes or more. When you’re good and you find that right home quickly for them, it can frighten them.

When that happens, say these words, “John, Mary, I feel that you’re rather apprehensive because I’ve found a home that’s suitable so quickly. I don’t blame you for that. I hope you realize, though, in essence I am your eyes. There are over 3,000 homes for sale in this community. Rather than show you all of them, which is ridiculous, I decided to show you only those homes that meet your needs not only financially, but physically. In watching you preview this property, I think you’re feeling the same. You are envisioning your family living within these walls and enjoying that nice yard. That’s why I’d like you to consider getting you and your family happily involved in this particular property rather than wasting your time seeing for yourself that this is truly the best home for your needs.”

You are the voice of calm in the squall of emotions they feel when the right property is found. They want it. They are afraid their missing the boat and there might be something better. They don’t want to lose this home to someone else. Their emotions are a jumble. You are the professional advisor helping them settle down so they can make a wise decision.

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