Real Estate: Selling with Emotions

From the moment we are born until the moment we die, everything we say and do is for the purpose of satisfying some want or need. A basic rule of selling is that a person will buy what they want, whether or not they need it.

One of the most common mistakes salespeople make is in assuming that a client will make the purchase because you have convinced them that your property is a great buy. Now, I don’t claim to be a psychologist, but in my selling experience, I have found that there are two basic appeals. We react from logic and emotion, and when there is conflict between the two, emotion will always win.

You see, people do not buy logically. They buy emotionally, then theyjustify their purchases logically. The challenge with many real estate salespeople is that they try to sell logically. That’s why they aren’t breaking any sales records. The future client must first get involved in the property emotionally. Then, if you can give them good, logical reasons for them to own this property, they’ll use them to defend the purchase.

Consider for a moment that everything you have ever purchased hasbeen purchased emotionally. Your clothes. You must wear clothes, that’slogical. However, the clothes you have chosen to wear, you chose with emotion. Why do you buy certain brands of food? You do it because your mother used that brand, or you saw a clever ad. It may even cost more than the other brands of equal quality, but you always buy that particular brand. Now, is that logical?

The same applies in real estate because people must make typical buying decisions. Each client is looking for some kind of shelter, right? That’s logical, but the type of shelter they choose will be based on an emotional decision. They may be looking for a home like the one they grew up in, or they may be looking for a home in a certain neighborhood for status reasons. Both of these buying decisions will be based on emotions. By knowing that we make decisions that are more emotional than logical, the professional salesperson can better prepare an effective  presentation based on the emotional appeal of the property.

According to AMERICAN DEMOGRAPHICS MAGAZINE, when asked what they were looking for in a home, people used words such as: spacious, bright, airy, traditional, modern, luxurious, and old-fashioned. Knowing this, it certainly makes sense to utilize these terms in your presentation, doesn’t it?  The key is, learn to build desire by painting an emotional picture into the client’s mind. Paint an emotional picture of the future and put your client into that picture mentally. If they can mentally see themselves enjoying the home — if they can see the children playing in the yard, if they can picture how great their furniture will look in this home — emotionally, they have already bought.

Remember that most of us are motivated by wants, so you must appeal to the emotions when building desire in your client.

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  1. Neeraj Bali says

    Nice article. Selling is less about Logics & it is more about Emotions.

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