Working Expired Listings

expired listing homeExpired listings provide a wonderful opportunity to find sellers to work with. In every area, there are bound to be people who listed their properties with agents and the property didn’t sell. Please note that with expired listings, you may need to handle the emotional aspects of the listing before getting down to business.

These people may be disappointed not only in the fact their home didn’t sell, but in the real estate industry as a whole. What you need to focus on is the fact that these people did have a need and desire to sell their home at one time and to find out what happened before you reached out to them.

  • Perhaps they listed it for too high an investment based on market value.
  • Perhaps their situation changed.
  • Perhaps there is something wrong with the property that the previous agent wasn’t bold enough to point out—something that kept it from selling.
  • Perhaps the market was flooded then with similar properties.

In any event, by contacting these people about their expired listing, you may be able to re-kindle that old desire and help them to market their home professionally and at the right price to have it sell.

Note: These people are likely to be disappointed in the entire process. If they had a bad past experience with an agent, you will have to tread lightly. Never knock the other agent. Just encourage the sellers to tell you everything they didn’t like. Then, tell them that you’re here to help them never to go through that again.

Move into your presentation on your personal experience, and talk about some creative ways you’ve helped others get happily moved. Your goal is to be  a breath of fresh air to their dilemma of selling their home.

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