Assumptive Selling

If you aren’t already familiar with the term “assumptive selling,” make a quick study of it. It will change how you think about every sales call. With assumptive selling, you assume that every qualified buyer will own the benefits of your product. You are certain of it. You know in your heart that it’s your obligation to help them to see how much better their lives, or companies will be once they’re “happily involved with” your offering. That mindset could drastically alter your attitude, which would help you then focus all of your thoughts and efforts on that single goal.

Note that the key to success with assumptive selling is that your buyer is truly qualified. That means several things:

  • They have a need and/or want to satisfy.
  • Their needs and requirements match up quite nicely with the benefits and services you provide.
  • The person or people you are speaking with are truly qualified to make the buying decision.
  • And they have access to the funds required. [Read more…]