Building Trust in Sales Presentations

352163521635216Building trust is THE key element in all sales contacts, but especially so for presentations. Rarely will people buy from someone they don’t trust. However, as important as it is that buyers trust you, they need to trust the product as well.

It’s your job to build trust in the product. In other words, help buyers grow in the belief that it will do what you say it will do. If your product is something you would use yourself, it’s critical that you speak about that. Speaking about products and services from your own real-life experiences with it will take you farther than nearly any demonstration you can give.

People will buy more often based on your conviction and belief in what you sell than anything else. This is why I so strongly advise people to seek out a product by how excited they are about (not just about how much money they can earn from it).

The potential client should also hear you say that you’re proud to represent your company. Other sales pros know you’re proud of the company you represent because they understand the motivations behind taking any particular sales job. Never assume your buyers will understand that. So, tell them you’re proud to represent your company. It will help build their trust in the product–especially when they’re already beginning to like you.

You might say something like this:

Jim, I could have chosen to represent any one of several companies that market this type of product. I chose my company because of their reputation for quality and because I, personally, have benefited from their products. They are the finest products of this type available in today’s marketplace and I’m proud to be on their team.

Those words, spoken with sincerity and conviction, will go a long way toward calming the natural fears inherent in the sales process. They’ll help you build trust.

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