Strategies for Servicing Listings

Happy couple real estateIn order to be successful in real estate in the long run, it’s important to learn strategies for servicing listings well. In an active market, and when your listings are priced right for that market, you won’t spend much time servicing listings because they’ll sell quickly. You’ll spend more time monitoring transactions through to completion.

But we aren’t always in an active market. And, in any market, there are properties that appeal to only a small percentage of the available buyers. So you’ll need to know how to service listings over a period of time until the right buyers are found.

The Champion sets the sellers up for a smooth running relationship at the time the listing is taken. He tells them what to expect, what the market is doing, and how prospective buyers and the agents working with those buyers will operate. Then the Champion stays in regular contact with those sellers until the listing sells. [Read more…]

Open House Opportunities

Open House ideasSome of my best clients came from open house opportunities. Many new or unsuccessful people in real estate don’t understand that open houses often are better for listing than for selling.  When done well, holding houses open is a marvelously effective listing technique, but it’s not done well very often.  Doing it well enough to make big money requires work the week before.  Unless you do that work, your weekend open house has little chance of being worthwhile.

In order to have a productive open house, you have to invest time and effort–which is the same thing as money when you’re in business for yourself.  Before you commit yourself to such an investment, make sure that the property you want to hold open has what it takes.  Here are the five things you need: [Read more…]

The Destroyer of Listings: FEAR

Fear in Real EstateThe greatest destroyer of real estate listings is fear. Fear is the greatest enemy you’ll ever encounter as a real estate professional. Hopefully, you’ll learn to recognize and conquer your own inner fears.

Helping others with their fears

The toughest job is when you have to help others admit to and overcome their fears so you can earn the opportunity to list and sell their homes for them. Fear is what builds that wall of resistance we so often run into. You must master the skills to either climb over or break through that wall. [Read more…]