How to Guarantee You’ll Never Meet Your Quota

Beat your quotaLet me show you how to guarantee you’ll never meet your quota. It’s really easy. When you organize yourself to just meet it, you’re not very likely to achieve it. By operating that way you’re setting yourself up to generate less revenue for your company and fewer dollars for yourself. It’s actually why so many people never meet quota. All they do is set their sights on meeting it.

How’s that again?

What I’m saying is this: If all you try to do is meet the quota, you’ll never do it.

Why not?

Because you’ll organize your activity to hit the mark—which means barely meeting it–usually on the last day of the month. In the normal course of business, something will almost always go wrong with part of your plan, resulting in at least a small shortfall. Don’t be the salesperson who ends the month saying, “Had it in the bag. Then Jasper Jones fell apart on me. If it wasn’t for that, I’d have hit the mark.” That’s what happens when you aim to be average. In order to meet your quota every month, quarter, or year, you need a different strategy.

Begin by organizing your activity so you can double your quota. What will it take to make that happen? It’s easy to figure out. Just do the math. You must know what it takes to hit the mark. Double it to picture what has to happen to go beyond. Then, plan your activity as if this doubled amount is your actual quota. This way, when Sara asks for different terms, Kyle cancels an order, and your big client committee delays a decision, you’ll still do well with the other sales you’ve closed. When you do start hitting 200% of quota because of your increased activity, bump your goal to 300%. It can and has been done by students of my training. They implemented different strategies. They detailed out their activity plans. Those past graduates of my training followed through…and doubled and tripled their incomes.

Don’t meet any quota that’s set for ordinary people. Change your mindset and demolish it!

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Excerpted from my book, The Official Guide to Success.

Achieving Pro Status in Your Selling Career

achieving pro statusYou may do everything else masterfully but if you can’t close the sale, you might as well be a professional product demonstrator instead of a salesperson. The real pros in selling have certain skills and habits that make them stand out above average.

Here’s a Personal Inventory Evaluation from my book, “Sales Closing for Dummies™.” Read these 16 statements and see how close you are to achieving “pro” status.

  1. I have an ongoing personal plan for self-improvement. As the late great Earl Nightingale said, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”
  2. I have achieved mastery over questioning strategies to the point where I can keep the communication moving toward a closed sale.
  3. I listen more than I talk. We all have two ears and one mouth. They should be used proportionately.
  4. I understand and read body language fluently.
  5. I build time for planning into my daily schedule. Fifteen minutes invested in planning at the end of today will save me an hour of time tomorrow.
  6. I know at least four test closes for each of my products (or product lines). [Read more…]

The Sales Slump Stops Here

Have you ever gone into an emotional slump? A financial slump? A performance slump? Of course, you have. No matter how good your attitude, and no matter how resolutely you confront your difficulties, there will be days when things do not go right.

In my sales training seminars, I teach a 10-step system to cure slumping, whether in business, or in our personal lives. Here they are:

  1. Become highly skilled at what you do. If you haven’t perfected your knowledge and skills, how can you say you’re slumping? Practice, drill, and rehearse to get to the highest level you’re capable of, and you’ll be impervious to slumps.
  2. Burn the past. The past is dead, so get rid of it. [Read more…]

Do the Most Challenging Tasks First

challenging tasksSome salespeople hate paperwork. Others hate making phone calls. It’s hard to believe, but true. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, procrastination is an easy habit to fall into when you’re facing a task that’s less than desirable or that requires a lot of brain power. They best way to avoid that trap is to handle your most challenging task first every day.

When planning your time (preferably planning tomorrow before day’s end today), work your most difficult tasks in as early in the day as possible. By getting them done early, the weight of knowing they’re on the horizon won’t slow you down while working on the rest of your tasks.

It’s wise to dig deep into those challenges when your energy level is at its peak in the morning. Never save your biggest challenges for the end of the day.

Learn more positive selling habits with the “Certified Salesperson” audio CD!

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Setting Realistic Sales Goals

Achieving sales goals for your business is one of the biggest challenges any owner or manager faces. There are so many factors that can affect that final number.

Hopefully, you have a staff of people who are dedicated, professional and motivated to help you achieve your business goals. If you do not, read no further. Instead, read up on how to hire the right people to sell your products and services.

Let’s assume for now, though, that you do have the right people in place. How do you set the sales goals you want and need without being pushy and demanding of your sales team? Some businesses ask every person on the team to meet the same sales goal equally. That’s the easiest thing for a busy manager to do. The challenge with that is not everyone is capable of achieving at the same level. Some salespeople are better with a certain product. Others work best with a certain type of client. Again, those darn variables. [Read more…]