Motivating a Sales Team

Management TrainingMotivating A Sales Team With Self Expression
by Guest Blogger, Julie Bryce

Every sales team goes through periods when they seem to be less motivated. This is sometimes down to market conditions, sometimes because of the competition and sometimes for team spirit reasons. For the manager, it is how you deal with sales team motivation that will set you apart. One thing to bear in mind at all times is each member of your sales force is an individual. There are plenty of motivational techniques that you can learn, but not all of them garner results in all cases. Be flexible and find the right motivational approach for each team member. For some, selling is a lifestyle choice, who is creating their ideal life. For others, professional sales work is a choice, but they may be equally suited to other sorts of work. [Read more…]

Selling is Serving

Are you serving?

Are you selling or serving?

As a true sales professional, what you do provides genuine, specific, and highly personalized service to people who have the need and ability to own your product or service. Selling is service.

As an individual or as an organization, you may face incredible pressure to put your product or service, your monthly quota, your company, or even your own personal goals ahead of the needs of your client. That, my friend, is the road to tragedy, not to achievement.

Clients are becoming more sophisticated in their knowledge of products and services, and in the new technologies that continually spring onto the market. More than that, customer needs are continually shifting with changes in demographics, economies (local, regional, national, and global), politics, and technology.

The winners in the future will be those individuals and organizations who take on these multifaceted challenges and turn them into opportunities to build strong and long lasting relationships with individual clients.

That, my friend, takes selling.

I’ve put together a presentation to visually share some key principles from my real-world, in-the-trenches experience, adapted from steps outlined in my book Selling in Tough Times. 

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Motivate Salespeople – Tom Hopkins

How to Motivate Salespeople audio image

How to Motivate Salespeople

Last month, how much money did you spend on food for your body, on energy bills, and then on your attitude and mental health? If you’re like most people, you didn’t really invest anything towards your mental health. It’s an overlooked facet of life, but one that’s determining how happy you are.

The fact is, not taking care of your mental health can cost you your job, your business, your health, even your marriage and dearest relationships. It happens everyday to people who never recognized they should be protecting their minds and attitudes.

To help you protect your mental health and to retain an upbeat, happy demeanor and outlook on life, Tom Hopkins has recorded a breakthrough 35-minute power-packed DVD titled Motivate Your Mind.  Tom Hopkins explains everything you need to know to protect and improve your mental health and outlook on life.  To win in selling, it’s imperative that you remain optimistic, and upbeat. After all, your attitude is contagious.

Excerpt from Tom Hopkins on Management mp3 series.

Other topics on this program include:

  • Solving the Management Puzzle
  • Effective Recruiting Strategies
  • Powerful Training Techniques
  • Sales Management – The Interview
  • Salespeople — Knowing and Understanding Them
  • Motivation and Counseling
  • Handling Terminations

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The Essential Ingredient in Every Sales Meeting by Ron Marks

Ron Marks

In the past twenty-five years I have seen thousands of sales meetings conducted by managers throughout the world. I can tell within a few moments whether a sales manager is a professional or an amateur by how they begin a sales meeting. I would bet you can too. Of all the things you do as a sales manager, this is the most public thing you do in your business. Holding an excellent sales meeting is a great chance to motivate the team and disseminate information and it is also a chance to lose momentum in a hurry!

Sales managers who have decided to run a sales meeting because they have something important to convey have passed the first test for a successful meeting. They have a purpose! I realize this test seems obvious, but think back to all of the meetings you have been to that had no value or agenda whatsoever.

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Mastering Sales Closing Techniques

sales closingMastering sales closing techniques is the only way to succeed — no matter which industry you represent. The average consumer knows at least three ways to stall or stop a sale. If you only know how to address two of those concerns, what are the odds of closing the sale? Not very good.

Keep a running list of the concerns you hear most often about your product or service. Determine the best ways to address them (perhaps among your sales associates). Then master those words!

After you address the concerns, it’s time to close. It’s been reported that the average decision-maker doesn’t say ‘yes’ to a buying decision until after saying ‘no’ five times. Count ’em, five! If that’s the case, the ‘average’ salesperson has to have at least six closes in their arsenal.

Champions must have even more. Average salespeople look at learning multiple closes as drudgery. Champions recognize each close as giving them another opportunity to serve their clients’ needs.

Are you limiting your opportunities or are you dedicated to mastering more closes? Dedicate yourself to mastering one new close every month.


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Sales Management Characteristics of a Great Sales Manager

Being a good manager is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.  The first time you try to fit the pieces together it takes awhile to get everything to fit smoothly.  The next time you attempt to make the pieces fit you are a little more familiar with the pattern and each time after that it becomes more and more natural to easily match everything together and have it all turn out right.  The pieces of the puzzle a manager has to put together are comprised of advertising, recruiting, holding productive meetings, motivating a person who is in an emotional or financial slump, handling types of personalities you don’t relate to and recruiting people that are happy on other jobs, but are ready for change if you follow-up with them properly among other things.  All of these techniques combined together make a great manager.  Review a sample audio session at Tom Hopkins Sales Management [Read more…]

When You Must Terminate a Salesperson

Being a firm believer in the importance of choosing the right words in all situations, I often find myself studying the impact of things I hear. I think about how the words make me feel. Then, I try to turn the situation around to where I capture an understanding of the person who said them and what they really meant. Not many people do this. Few invest the time and effort into studying words, even though how you use them dictates nearly everything about life, relationships and business.

When you reach the level of manager, executive or business owner, you really have to watch what you say and how you say it. You now have a group of people whose lifestyles depend on your business. They will always be on the alert for any sign of challenge in the business that could negatively impact them. You must learn to be crystal clear in your communications, yet use words that evoke the emotional impact you desire. [Read more…]

When to Train by Ron Marks

Ron Marks

Most sales managers and their companies have terrible timing when it comes to improving the skills of their sales teams. Unfortunately most companies conduct training only when a sales person is new to the company. After they have a few sales under their belts, training stops.

If you were a military leader and had a critical mission in front of you, you would likely train harder and more intensely than ever before. You would want your team’s training to be current in order to be most effective. Yet sales managers send their sales people out into the field each and every day without the slightest bit of current training and skill development. [Read more…]