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How to Motivate Salespeople

Last month, how much money did you spend on food for your body, on energy bills, and then on your attitude and mental health? If you’re like most people, you didn’t really invest anything towards your mental health. It’s an overlooked facet of life, but one that’s determining how happy you are.

The fact is, not taking care of your mental health can cost you your job, your business, your health, even your marriage and dearest relationships. It happens everyday to people who never recognized they should be protecting their minds and attitudes.

To help you protect your mental health and to retain an upbeat, happy demeanor and outlook on life, Tom Hopkins has recorded a breakthrough 35-minute power-packed DVD titled Motivate Your Mind.  Tom Hopkins explains everything you need to know to protect and improve your mental health and outlook on life.  To win in selling, it’s imperative that you remain optimistic, and upbeat. After all, your attitude is contagious.

Excerpt from Tom Hopkins on Management mp3 series.

Other topics on this program include:

  • Solving the Management Puzzle
  • Effective Recruiting Strategies
  • Powerful Training Techniques
  • Sales Management – The Interview
  • Salespeople — Knowing and Understanding Them
  • Motivation and Counseling
  • Handling Terminations

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